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45106 - PT06 plug with rear accessory

45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) - with PG type plastic sealing gland

45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 8.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 10.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 12.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 14.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 16.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 18.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 20.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 22.igs
45106A_R (PG) - PT06A_SE (PG) size 24.igs

45106A_RA - PT06A - with intermediate backshell

45106A - PT06A - solder version
45106A - PT06A size 8.igs
45106A - PT06A size 10.igs
45106A - PT06A size 12.igs
45106A - PT06A size 14.igs
45106A - PT06A size 16.igs
45106A - PT06A size 18.igs
45106A - PT06A size 20.igs
45106A - PT06A size 22.igs
45106A - PT06A size 24.igs

45106RA - crimp version
45106RA size 8.igs
45106RA size 10.igs
45106RA size 12.igs
45106RA size 14.igs
45106RA size 16.igs
45106RA size 18.igs
45106RA size 20.igs
45106RA size 22.igs
45106RA size 24.igs

45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) - with cable clamp

45106AC-EC - PT06A-E (SR) - solder version - shell size 18 to 24
45106AC-EC - PT06A-E (SR) size 18.igs
45106AC-EC - PT06A-E (SR) size 20.igs
45106AC-EC - PT06A-E (SR) size 22.igs
45106AC-EC - PT06A-E (SR) size 24.igs

45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) - solder & crimp version - shell size 8 to 16
45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) size 8.igs
45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) size 10.igs
45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) size 12.igs
45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) size 14.igs
45106AC-EC_RC - PT06A-E_SE (SR) size 16.igs

45106RC - PT06SE (SR) - crimp version - shell size 18 to 24
45106RC - PT06SE (SR) size 18.igs
45106RC - PT06SE (SR) size 20.igs
45106RC - PT06SE (SR) size 22.igs
45106RC - PT06SE (SR) size 24.igs

45106E_R - PT06E_SE - with grommet backnut

45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 8.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 10.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 12.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 14.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 16.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 18.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 20.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 22.igs
45106E_R - PT06E_SE size 24.igs

45106J - PT06W with metal sealing gland

45106J - PT06W - solder version
45106J - PT06W size 8.igs
45106J - PT06W size 10.igs
45106J - PT06W size 12.igs
45106J - PT06W size 14.igs
45106J - PT06W size 16.igs
45106J - PT06W size 18.igs
45106J - PT06W size 20.igs
45106J - PT06W size 22.igs
45106J - PT06W size 24.igs

45106P_RP - PT06P_SP - with straight backshell for potting

45106P - PT06P - solder version
45106P - PT06P size 8.igs
45106P - PT06P size 10.igs
45106P - PT06P size 12.igs
45106P - PT06P size 14.igs
45106P - PT06P size 16.igs
45106P - PT06P size 18.igs
45106P - PT06P size 20.igs
45106P - PT06P size 22.igs
45106P - PT06P size 24.igs

45106RP - PT06SP - crimp version
45106RP - PT06SP size 8.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 10.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 12.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 14.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 16.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 18.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 20.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 22.igs
45106RP - PT06SP size 24.igs

45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) - with backnut for heatshrink moulded piece

45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 8.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 10.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 12.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 14.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 16.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 18.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 20.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 22.igs
45106T_RT - PT06E_SE (J) size 24.igs

45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) - with SQ braid clamping backshell

45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 8.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 10.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 12.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 14.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 16.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 18.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 20.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 22.igs
45136G_RG - PTG06E_SE (SQ) size 24.igs

PT06G - with straight soldering backshell

PT06G - solder version
PT06G size 8.igs
PT06G size 10.igs
PT06G size 12.igs
PT06G size 14.igs
PT06G size 16.igs
PT06G size 18.igs
PT06G size 20.igs
PT06G size 22.igs
PT06G size 24.igs