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was founded in 1932. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the
world. The company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, interconnect
systems and coaxial and at-ribbon cable.
Amphenol Socapex designs, manufactures and provides electrical and optical connectors and interconnection
systems, ideally suited to harsh environment needs.
Our key markets are focused on mil-aero and industrial applications such as : C4ISR, commercial and military airframe,
marine, ground vehicles, weapons and munitions, space and homeland security, machine tool, oil & gas, mining,
railway, entertainment, and medical equipment. Amphenol-Socapex is aware of environmental issues. Indeed, most of
our solutions are compliant with the European ROHS directive regarding electrical and electronic.
Amphenol Socapex devotes an important part of its budget to Research & Development, and owns all the resources
needed to develop custom design products to match customer demands.
Amphenol-Socapex is recognized as a specialist of MIL-DTL-38999 derived products, high density PCB connectors,
field bus and rugged Ethernet solutions, and harsh environment optical connectors.
About Amphenol
Amphenol Fiber Optic Capabilities
Amphenol Socapex Quality & Environmental
For over 20 years, Amphenol Socapex has developed a strong
expertise as a designer, integrator, manufacturer and solutions
provider in the field of High performance Fiber Optic
Amphenol Fiber Optic Interconnection Solutions are taylor made
to suit the needs of very demanding customers, manufacturing
mission critical or safety related equipments.
This leads us to a long term commitment and partnership with our
customers and to provide maintenance, repair, training, technical
support, on demand.
Our Fiber Optic Solutions are based on High performance optical
termini, innovative design, and high quality, well proven connector
Rigorous internal quality assurance systems exceed the ISO 9001
requirements and ensure consistent quality products regardless of
manufacturing location.
Quality certification :
ISO 9001 : 2000
Thyez (France) and Pune (India)
Aeronautical market quality
certification :
EN9100 : 2003
Thyez (France) and Pune (India)
Military market quality
(NATO) :
AQAP 2110
Thyez (France)
Environnemental certification :
ISO 14001 (2004)
Thyez (France)
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