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Quality Management

Our goal is to serve the customer with the best in-class quality service.
Amphenol Socapex’s commitment is to meet customers’ needs and expectations and ensure their satisfaction. Our entire organization is focused on the customer with quality control, an efficient support with a deep knowledge of the products through dedicated team and tools.

In order to fulfill this commitment, Amphenol Socapex has a customer-focused quality management system based on ISO 9001, EN9100, AQAP 2110 and ISO 14001.


Analysis of our product quality

The analysis of returned products is handled by our in-house experts having a good knowledge, advanced skills and adequate tools to perform an efficient analysis.

This analysis allows us to determinate the causes, by implementing a problem solving group and use quality tools as 8D report, « cause-effect » diagram.
So we could plan robust corrective actions in order to avoid any re-occurences.
All these steps are done according to our quality procedures.

We use special and innovate tools such as our 0.5mm diameter Fiberscope along with our engineering laboratory to analyze the returned products.

Customer Quality Added-Value

We have implemented two major principles to serve our customers the best and set us above competition

Our entire quality team follows the « 1Day – 1Week – 1Month » philosophy in order to serve our customers the best.
1 Day to answer your request and give you a RMA number
> 1 Week after parts return reception to give you a statement regarding the replacement or not of your products.
> 1 Month after parts return reception to validate a 8D report and send it to you.

An efficient technical support through training (contact retention on 38999 family).
We provide your operating, technical, quality/control, R&D teams with « Contact retention » training within your facilities.

Our objectives are:
>To give you the best knowlegde of the technology we used.
>To help you displaying best practices in wiring
>To share with you some contact retention knowledge
>To decrease quality issue
>To create quality and technological link between you and us.

In order to do so, we have developed dedicated tools and documents to provide you with all the information and caution to implement contact retention. Most of our worldwide customers have applied these tools and supports to support their operations. If you need further information, please contact us.


Our certifications

ISO 9001& EN9100

                 AQAP2110                  ISO14001

All our ASF-AIMS certifications

Amphenol-socapex certifications

French Association for Quality -

Mont-Blanc Excellence Label
We are certified with Mont-Blanc Excellence label.
"More than a simple label, Mont-Blanc Excellence is the sign of a real search of excellence and quality. Born from a dialog between experts and leaders, the actions plan means the following areas."

More info on

Our processes approach

>Our processes approach shows the global management of our organization, focused on customer needs and satisfaction.

>Our quality manual shows Amphenol Socapex global management, focused on processes. Our processes approach enables us to manage all activities with keys indicators and to implement the risk reduction actions. (for example, GRAMS: General Requirements for Aerostructure & Material Suppliers from Airbus,….).
See our quality manual


Our risks management

>In order to anticipate key decisions and avoid major issues, our entire organization has learnt to minimize most of the risks related to our activities.

>To manage our risks, we rely on the ISO 31000 standard with a strong commitment from our executive team. Amphenol Socapex has developed detailed risks’ analysis at all levels of the organization: design and development (product and process), projects, suppliers and global company.

See our risk management principles

Continuous improvement

Our quality policy is focused on continuous improvement. The LEAN Manufacturing and the LEAN Office approaches are some of the tools we used to manage continuous improvement.

Our approach, based on team work, deals with different subjects:
>Our « design/industrialization/qualification » processes
>Our « sale » processes
>Our « marketing » processes

Amphenol Socapex is an active member of the French Quality Group MFQ (Mouvement Français de la Qualité).


Amphenol Socapex conducts risks’ analysis related to environment and safety based on the French laws.

Our geographic situation, at the heart of the French Alps in Thyez, makes us even more respectful of our environment. As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we have reduced to a minimum the use of toxics components. We try our best to recycle, reduce and reuse materials.

Amphenol Socapex is also committed to providing our employees and visitors to our facilities with an environment which is safe and secure. Security and loss prevention, including protection of people and products, is a priority. We provide to our employees safety training (fire, electrical, forklift operators) and first-aid training courses.


Environment Policy 2010-2013 – Extract

« Protection of the environment on a daily basis has become one of our major concerns to preserve our environment.
On the site of Thyez, it allows us to ensure the sustainable development of our business and help our growth, our profitability and sustainability.

We are ISO 14001 certified since June 2008 and we are commited to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Part of our commitments include:
>Meet and anticipate the regulatory provisions application in environment for our site in Thyez
Identify, control and reduce nuisance related to our production
Enhance the sensitivity and extend the culture environment
>Meet the expectations of our customers and any other partner