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Rectangular PCB connector with
screw-machined contacts and Star-
clips sockets. Very cost-efective
per design. Numerous custom-de-
sign geometries. Available in Thru-hole and press-ft termina-
tions, from 50 to 303 contacts. Exceed the Mil-DTL-55302F
127 / he801-he804-he807
We l l - p roven rec t angu l a r
PCB connectors available in
2 or 3 rows from 17 to 144
signal contacts. Many hy-
brid inserts for Power or RF.
Termination styles include
crimp, wire soldering, thru-
hole soldering, SMT, WW. In
accordance with the Mil-C-55302 140 to 155 standard.
Micro D / Mil-c-83513
The Microminiature connector series
ofers proven Mil Spec performance
and reliability in rectangular and
strip-line micro connectors up to 100
contacts. Microminiature
nectors are available
in rectan-
gular D, strip and custom card
edge confgurations, with contacts on .050 (1,27mm)
centers. Inserts in Micro D connectors with sig-
nal and coax as well as Plastic and Metal shells are
available. Terminations are available in a broad range
including solder cup, terminated to wire harness, vertical and
right angle PCB and many diferent mounting hardware and
backshells are ofered.
Thermal Clamps
Mechanical clamps which
lock and unlock in a quarter
turn for applying a pres-
sure between the heatsink
of the Daughter Board and the cold wall of the box for the
dissipation of the board. No dynamometric tool required and
very safe design in vibrations versus screw type versions.
Several versions availble such as fxed into the box or directly
riveted on the Daughter board, from 40mm up to 300mm.
Rectangular PCB connec-
tor (Surface Mount Rectan-
gular Amphenol Socapex
Hi-density) respecting the SEM-E form factor (Line Replace-
able Module). The metallic shell is equiped with Grounding/
Guiding pins, the contacts are screw-machined and sockets
integrate the Starclips technology, which confers high perfor-
mance and cost-efectiveness. Very suitable for Harsh Envi-
ronment including Schocks, Vibrations and High Temperature.
From 1 to 3 bays with 150 signal per bay (Chevron Grid), Dif-
ferential Signal and Optical Termini are also available.
technology = LRM
The connectors equipped with the high
performance B
Bristle Brush Bunch
contact technology ofer a durability of
20,000 cycles of mating and unmating
with a low mating force. The B
contact is
ofered in Mil-C-55302 rectangular connec-
tor in 2, 3 and 4 row confgurations up to 100 contacts per row.
The B
contact technology is also available in LRM-Line Re-
placeable Module with an ESD protection with three density
levels : Chevron 300 contacts, Staggered 360 contacts and
Gen-X 472 contacts.
I/O connectors with PC Tails
Amphenol have a wide range
of environmental rectangular
and cylindrical I/O connec-
tors for PC Board attachment
(PC Tails with many lengths,
Compliant pin contacts, Flex
circuitry for jumper...). These connectors includes signal,
coax, twinax, triax and quadrax contacts. The shape of the
connector may be adapted to meet the board application
such as stand-of for cylindrical receptacles which allows a
state of the art mechanical board fxing on the receptacle
with screws, receptacle short skirt to minimize the space
needed in the box... Many diferent connector fttings are
available to make the installation on the panel easier when
space is an issue.
Amphenol developped the Rugge-
dized VME64X in response to the
military trend towards VME64X
and the utilization of COTS Boards
and Chassis. Ruggedized VME cards are existing but are
generally used with the standard VME COTS connector in-
terface. In a harsh environment, the COTS VME connector
can fail, negating all of ruggedization on the cards. Main
features and benefts : Metallic shells, ESD Protection on
the module side, Robust contact system, 3 modules insert
with diferent interconnect applications including 2mm
electrical, Fiber optic MT ferules...
Discrete Filters FX Series
Amphenol’s discrete feed-thru fl-
ters ofer excellent low cost flter
solutions for military and aerospace
electronics applications, especially
where small size and high per-
formance are important.They are
available in threaded bushing and
solder-mount styles with capacitance ranges from 10pF
to 600nF to meet the Mil-F-15733. Nevertheless, due to
Amphenol’s unique manufacturing process, higher capaci-
tance values and greater voltage withstand capabilities are
achieved with the same industry standard package size.
D Sub / Mil-C-24308
Amphenol have a wide range of
D-Subminiature connectors suit-
able for Military and Aerospace ap-
plications. A broad range of inserts
(standard, high density, combo…)
as well as many terminations in-
cluding solder cup, rear release
crimp contacts, PCB tails, SMT, compliant pins are avail-
able. Filtered versions, hermetic versions as well as cor-
responding accessories are ofered too.
The HiLinx ofers to the user the
smart combination in the matrix
performances / density / modular-
ity / cost. With the HiLinx Series,
the design-engineers have the full
solutions panel in terms of modu-
larity by mixing all types of signals (Low Level, Power, Fiber
Optics, Coaxial lines, Diferential pairs…), while keeping
the full compatibility with the wellknown M55302 standard.
This system of stainless steel skirts, fttings, and stackable
modules without loss of contacts, brings fexibility where
compromises are not allowed.
SIHD / sial
High Density Rectangular PCB
connectors in a 5 rows confgura-
tion. The contact technology con-
fers a translation capability very suitable for thermal clamps
use and a very high performance in terms of vibration. Nu-
merous versions with ground strap available for higher data
transmission. From 102 to 392 ways. The SIAL modular ver-
sion equipped with stainless steel skirts ofers power and RF
LRM Range Extension
(Diffys, Optic, AirFlow)
The Amphenol LRM connector is
now available in many confgura-
tions that meet the demands of the
avionic industry such as : the LRM Staggered Grid Airfow-
Thru connector in order to provide more airfow cooling of
inserts, LRM with Fiber Optics MIL-T-504/4, /5, /14 & /15 ter-
mini or MT Ferule arrangements, LRM connectors to accom-
modate RF contacts size 16, 12, 8 up to DC-32GHz or GPPO
coax contacts, LRM Power supply modules with 270VDC
sections for Corona-free operation at 100,000ft, LRM dif-
ferential pairs dedicated modules, Radsok® High Amperage
socket contacts within inserts of the LRM, and many more.
AmphePower Radsok®
High amperage, up to 1000A, con-
tact technology replaces the tradi-
tional threaded post and ring termi-
nal. Twisted hyperbolic grid ensures
greatest possible contact areas on
mating pin up to 65%. Benefts in-
clude high number of mating cycles,
reduced insertion force, and a self cleaning efect during mat-
ing. Wide range of wire crimp barrels or PCB/Busbar swage
mount features available.
Quadrax & Differential Twinax
Transition Adapters
In conjunction with its Diferential Twinax
and Quadrax contacts, Amphenol has de-
velopped full line of 100 and 150Ohm plug
contacts and receptacle/transition adapt-
ers (straight or 90° versions) in order to fa-
cilitate launching of controlled impedance
signals to printed circuit boards.
Medium to high-density intercon-
nects with fork and blade contacts
- module card connectors with fex
termination and solderless press-ft
backplane connectors for attach-
ment to PCBs. EMI shielding, coax,
fber optic, board to board, staggered grid pattern, and power
contacts available. Standards : Mil-C-28754, EIA 15-763, and
backplane & electronic packaging
Backplane assemblies are custom
designed using high-density, board
to backplane interconnections.
Backplane capabi l ities include
press-ft, through-hole solder, SMT,
rack and panel, rigid-fex circuits,
fber optics and high power technology. Standard Mil-C-
28754. Amphenol’s broad ofering of interconnect and board
level products enables our system level engineering team
to take on custom turn-key solutions such as chassis inte-
gration, thermal dissipation, temperature sensor systems,
power distribution systems, bus bar assemblies, ethernet
switches integration, and much more.
pcb interconnect &