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1900 Series / EN3545
Composite environmentally sealed
rectangular connectors available in
2 shell sizes with numerous con-
tact arrangements. Includes sizes
AWG22 to 8 crimp removable con-
tacts common with Mil-DTL-38999 Series connectors such as
coax, twinax, triax and Quadrax. Overmoulded back grommet
and interfacial seal.
38999 High density
Cylindrical connectors with
Mil-DTL-38999 Series shells
and High Density insert (up
to 50% more contacts versus
Mil-DTL-38999 inserts) for
size 23 Mil qualifed contacts (M39029/47-314 & M39029/33-
264). PCB Version available too. These high density inserts
are available in the following series : Mil-DTL-38999 series I &
III (LJT& TV-CTV), VG96912 shells (SJT), PP39 (Push-Pull), and
the RNJ & RNJLP rack and panel versions.
TV / Mil-DTL-38999 III / JN
Subminiature screw-type
cylindrical connector with
they are designed for the
stringent applica-
tions. The Mil-DTL-38999
Series III are all scoop-proof and available in metallic and com-
posite versions. The JN versions can meet the performance
levels required for the Eurofghter. 9 Shells sizes, up to 128
contacts, including power patterns, Coax, Twinax, Triax, Dif-
ferential Twinax, Quadrax and Optical termini.
Power 38999
Cylindrical connectors derived from Mil-
DTL-38999 Series with ruggedized pow-
er inserts including the following crimp
contacts : 60A, 100A, 230A, 500A. These
power connectors are available in the
following series : Mil-DTL-38999 series
I & III (LJT& TV-CTV), VG96912 shells
(SJT), PP39 (Push-Pull), and the RNJ &
RNJLP rack and panel versions.
38999 EN3645
Light weight, Compact,
Modular are key words in
the mil aviation industry.
With both the rectangu-
lar composite SIM and the cylindrical composite CTV, Am-
phenol provide the user with the right solution corresponding
to his need. Additionally to standard inserts, this series ofer
grounded inserts for High speed contacts including quadrax,
FO termini, fltering capabilities, high density inserts ... Am-
phenol also ofer a complete range of composite protection
caps and rear accessories.
Environmental standard cy-
lindrical connectors with
threaded or reverse bayonet
coupling. The higher per-
formance is available with
rear release crimp contacts in Aluminum or SS,
with self-locking coupling for frewall applications.
Contacts sizes AWG16 through 0 are standard. Radsock
high power versions are also available.
SIM / EN4165
SIM Rectangular, modular inter-
connect, standard design is a
combination of 2 or 4 individual
ground, shunt or standard mod-
ules. Compact custom panel
mounted designs available. SIM
is Environmentally sealed, diferential pressure seal and EMI
shielded. Contacts are Mil C 39029 series rear removeable
crimp or PCB size 22 to 8 including coax , twinax , triax ,
quadrax, power, common with Mil DTL 38999 Series. Avail-
able in aluminum and composite versions with various back-
shells and clamps. High density modules for size 23 contacts
Backshells for Mil-DTL-38999
Rear accessories for cylindrical
connectors (Mil-C-26482 Series
I, Mil-C-38999 Series and derived
from) including straight and angled
versions, backnuts, cable clamps,
adaptor for heatshrink molded
piece or for overmoulding, EMI
version through diferent termination technologies (braid
soldering, clamping, stainless steel band system)... Compos-
ite versions also available.
JT / Mil-DTL-38999 II - SJT / JN1003
Light weight subminiature cylin-
drical connectors with bayonet
coupling system. Very often used
when space is an issue due to the
very compact design of the shell,
the most compact of all the 38999 Series. JT & SJT Series
connectors are intermountable (same panel cut out) with Mil-
C-26482. 9 Shells sizes, up to 128 contacts, including Coax,
Twinax,and Optical termini. SJT series connectors are scoo-
proof for an optimal contacts protection.
MT / BTY / BTK / M83723 / EN2997 / ESC
Environmental miniature cylindrical
connectors available with bayonet
or threaded self-locking coupling
systems. Shell material include Alu-
minum and SS. Firewall and hernetic
versions can withstand tempera-
tures to 260°C. Contact sizes from AWG20 to AWG12 and up
to AWG08 shielded. Can support currents of up to 230A.
TV St. S / Mil-DTL-38999 III / EN3645
Stainless steel subminiature screw-type cy-
lindrical connector with anti-decoupling sys-
tem, they are designed for the most stringent
applications in term of vibrations, shocks,
temperature, schielding efectiveness and
corrosion resistance. 9 Shells sizes, up to
128 contacts including power and high speed contacts arrange-
ments. The stainless steel receptacles are intermateable with
the patented Clutch Lok plug connectors, the new patented ver-
sion which mates under vibrations.
Breakaway connectors
mil-std-1760 I & II - JN1124
Breakaway connectors are mainly used for avi-
onic and missile applications. The particularity
is in the plug mechanism as the receptacles
remain the same as the standard versions.
Breakaway plugs are available in diferent coupling mechanism
such as threaded (TV), bayonet (PT) and push-pull (PP39) cou-
pling mechanism. Many contact arrangements are available ac-
cording to the Mil-C-26482 and Mil-DTL-38999 standards that
include Coax, Twinax, Triax, Diferential Twinax, Quadrax and Op-
tical termini. The Mil-STD-1760 II (Mil-DTL-83538) defnes a male/
male bufer between the missile and the aircraft. The missile
connector confers realignment as well as a back-of.
PP39 / SC39
Cylindrical Push-Pull connectors with same
dimensions and inserts as Mil-DTL-38999
connectors. Mechanical and Electrical perfor-
mances meet or exceed the ones of Mil-DTL-
38999 Series III connectors, class W or F. 9
Shells sizes, up to 128 contacts, including power patterns, Coax,
Twinax, Triax, Diferential Twinax, Quadrax and Optical termini.
Available in lanyard release confguration as well. SC39 Snatch
Releases versions also available from shell size 9 to 15.
Amphenol manufacture a large range of
hermetic connectors providing a high level
of sealing across an interface. Connectors
are supplied in standard MIL-C-26482, MIL-
C-5015, MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-83723
connector styles in steel or stainless steel
shells. Amphenol also supply hermetically sealed rectangular
connectors as well as a large range of custom design products,
such as hermetic connectors with additional crimp rear remov-
able contacts for reparable harness applications. An example is
the fuel quantity indication system connectors which are capable
of being immersed in aviation fuel.
The rectangular and cylindrical connectors
equiped with ground plane inserts allow a
state of the art grounding of all High-Speed
contacts to the connector shell and then to
the chassis of the equipment without hazardous cabling op-
eration. This ground plane technology is now available in many
connector series such as : Mil-DTL-38999, ARINC 600, EN3545,
EN4165... for size 16, 12 and 8 High-Speed contacts. The new
Low Voltage Diferential Signaling contacts - Diferential Twinax
and Quadrax - have also their dedicated Ground Plane inserts.
Electrical cables
Amphenol Spectra-Strip’s mission is to enhance the signal
fdelity and extend the life of copper cable for these criti-
cal high bandwidth data transfer applications, and to provide
exceptional customer value in the form of enhanced perfor-
mance and lower total applied costs for the Information Pro-
cessing. Today, much exciting new technology is currently
being developed to extend copper’s usable length for high
data rate applications. This new technology revolves around
driver signal pre-emphasis, equalization, and cable / connec-
tor / termination technology that minimizes skew, crosstalk,
and EMI. These copper interconnects
demand cables with exacting control of
transmission line properties, far beyond
typical Cat 6 structured wiring require-
ments, due to the gigabit signals being
driven. To meet these challenges, Spec-
tra-Strip has developed several new advanced cable technologies
for cost efective mass termination and high bit rate, precision
twinax applications.
Flex & Rigid Assemblies ACT
Save weight and geometrically ft wiring
into tight space requirements with Flex or
Rigid Flex Circuits. Sculptured® Flexible
Circuits with built-in termination eliminate
the failures associated with crimped or
soldered-on contacts. Flat, sculptured, or
rigid-fex styles are strong, yet higly fexible for use with I/O