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RJField Range
Rugged circular and rectan-
gular interconnect which can
be ftted directly -without
particular tooling- with stan-
dard cordsets such as RJ45
E t h e r n e t ( C a t . 5 e ) , U S B ,
Firewire (IEEE1394), RJ11 and
the MTRJ and LC fber optic
interfaces. Available in Mil-DTL-38999 series III, Mil-C-26482
low cost Cat. 6 RJFRB circular shells, or rectangular shells
such as SIM. Provides environmental protection : IP67, dust,
shocks and vibrations. Eliminates hazardous and costly
in-feld assembly. Rugged Ethernet switches using RJ Field
connectors are also available in IP 30 and IP67 versions.
Amphenol’s broad ofering of Mil-
STD-1553B interconnect products
enables our application engineers
to provide customers with the
right solutions in terms of data
bus system : size 8 and 12 twinax
contacts (JN1104 qualifed), Harsh
environment cylindrical connectors
dedicated to Data Bus system, Can Couplers and In Line Cou-
plers, turn-key solutions such as complete harnesses…
Amphenol Low Voltage Diferen-
tial Signaling (LVDS) TIA/EIA-644,
Firewire IEEE 1394, and Fibre
Channel are examples of commu-
nication protocols which use
diferential signaling to provide
high speed data rates. The inter-
face of these quadrax contacts is
not concentric in order to preserve
the highest performance in term of impedance. These size 8
contacts are kept in the right position in theirs cavities - can
not rotate - with a keying system. Quadrax are existing in
diferent matched impedance versions and are terminated to a
shielded double twisted pairs cable or to a PCB. These contacts
are compatible with many dedicated inserts in cylindrical and
rectangular housings (Mil-DTL-38999, ARINC 600, EN3545...)
USBField : Rugged
Connector, Cable
and Memory Stick
USB Field allows the use of a
standard USB2.0 connection in
harsh environment through the
installation in a Mil-DTL-38999
Series III shell : Sealed against
fuids and dusts (IP67), Shocks,
Vibration and Traction resistant,
No cabling operation in feld and no tool required, Mechanical
Coding / Polarization (2 positions), Improved EMI protection.
In addition, Amphenol provide the user with derived prod-
ucts dedicated to the Aircraft applications such as reinforced
USB2.0 cordset with polyurethane zero halogen jacket and
double shielding, and rugged USB memory sticks ftted in a
Mil-DTL-38999 Series III plug shell. “Derived versions include
a rugged USB recptacle with a snap-cap protection at the
front side and a EN3646 cylindrical connector interface at the
rear side” for an easy installation on the cockpit panel.
RF Connector solutions
Amphenol RF and its subsidiary SV
Microwave ofer the most complete
RF interconnect solution avai lable
today. Popular series such as BNC,
TNC, N and SMA, as well as Precision
High Frequency versions are available
in a variety of styles and fnishes. In ad-
dition Amphenol RF and SV Microwave can supply blind mate
connectors such as BMA, BMMA, SMP, SMPM etc. and the
precision bayonet coupling series ZMA. Complete cable as-
semblies are available with a wide range of test and matching
capabilities as well as unique or custom design connectors
designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. Co-
axial terminations and attenuators are also available.
SMA is an acronym for SubMiniature
version A and was developed in the
1960’s. It uses a threaded interface.
50 Ω SMA connectors are semi-preci-
sion, subminiature units that provide
excellent electrical performance from
DC to 18 GHz. These high-perfor-
mance connectors are compact in size and mechanically have
outstanding durability. SMA connectors for semi-rigid coaxial
cables and the SMA Plug-to-Jack adapter ofer a precise and
simple means of phase adjustment for microwave devices.
Built in accordance with MIL-C-39012 and CECC 22110/111,
SMA connectors can be mated with all connectors that meet
these spec mating diameters regardless of manufacturer.
The TNC stands for Threaded Neill
Concelman and is named after Am-
phenol engineer Carl Concelman.
Designed as a threaded version of
the BNC, the TNC series features
screw threads for mating. TNC are
miniature, threaded weatherproof units with a constant 50 O
impedance and they operate from 0 - 11 GHz..
Power Distribution Terminal Blocks
Flexible, modular design but yet moul-
ded as one single piece, those Terminal
Blocks are available in varioius confgu-
rations. They have been designed to
match the level of performances of
the aluminum Bus Bars providing safe
and efcient primary power distribution. They do accept speci-
fc lugs for aluminum cables. Protective cover available.
REGULAR & Quick Mount Relay Sockets
The industry’s broadest range of plug-
gable bases for electro-mechanical
relays supplied to Mil-PRF-12883, Eu-
ropean, and custom confgurations.
Environmentally sealed for harsh en-
vironment applications. Accept crimp
contacts to Mil-C-39029. High tem-
perature, fuid resistant, Track mount
and Panel mount. The Quick Mount JRS/JRE sockets snap
into the mounting panel, reducing installation time by 80%
and weight by 40%.
Junction modules / Mil-T-81714 Series II
High density, Low weight, envi-
ronmentally sealed junction mo-
dule and light weight composite
mounting track system. Four basic
module sizes AWG12 to AWG22 in
a variety of bussing confgurations.
Supplied with M39029/22 socket
contacts. Engineered to the most
cost-efective Series II junction module available.
In-Line Splices
These single and multi-contact
in-line splices facilitate system
expansion and repair. This product
breadth includes AWG22 to AWG16
contacts and Diode and Resistor
package versions are available too.
Qualifed to Mil-T-81714 Series I and
II, and 1119 splices to NSA936830.
Custom electronic packages also available.
Bus Bar - Power distribution
Unique design provides signifcant
advantages in terms of weight
reduction and size. Nickel plated
Aluminum bars with epoxy coats
provides increased strength and
meet all applicable specifcation
requirements for fuid resistan ce,
toxic fumes and heat generation.
Bus Bars are very suitable for aeronautic, ground vehicles and
navy applications.
Ground modules
Mu l t i - con t a c t g r ound i ng / bu s
connection modules to both Mil-
T-81714 Series I and Series II, and
1174, are available in sizes AWG22
to AWG12, with ground stud or
fange mount. Mounting to a bus
bar provides power distribution,
sensing or metering. Environmentally sealed.
Cable supports
Reduced weight, high temperature ther-
moplastic cable support systems retain
wire bundles in aircraft, reduce installed
cost, and provide increased reliability.
Custom designs, confgurations and ma-
terials are available. These cable supports are aeronautic and
ground vehicles fuids compatible and fame resistant. Highly
reliable overmolded tie-straps for demanding applications.
Pipe supports
Custom accessories for airframe,
ground vehicles and boats cabling
and pipe support form a total pipe
and cable management system
developped to reduce weight, cost
and installation time. Simplifed installation and maintenance
enhance reliability. Engineered high-temp plastics, no metal
parts, engineered to user’s needs.
data bus