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Cabling process:
20 to 35 mm.
Cabling tools:
- Crimping pliers
- Controlling jauge
- Locator
(TH 397 Daniels)
Insertion Tool
Removal Tool
Screwdriver type
Pliers type
Size 12: Pin
141900 (metal)
Size 12: Socket
141900 (metal)
Size 16: Pin
48680 (plastic)
Size 16: Socket
48680 (plastic)
Crimping process
Place the locator in the pliers.
Choose the selector number on the locator according to the contact size to crimp.
Strip the wire end (7.5mm for size 12 contact / 6mm for size 16 contact)
Insert the wire in the contact crimp barrel of and check through the inspection hole of the contact that wire
is wellplaced.
Place the contact with the wire into the pliers until the stop.
Completely close the tool and after, let it open itself.
Visually check if crimping is correct and by the inspection hole of the contact if the wire is well-placed in the
crimp barrel.
Contact insertion
Always put insert into shell before beginning the contact insertion.
Insert the wired contact in the groove of the tool, taking care that the extremity of the tool touches the
shoulder of the contact.
Insert the contact in its cavity from wiring side and steadily push the tool along the axis of the cavity until
the contact locks home.
Carefully withdraw the tool , applying a forward pressure on the wire.
Pull on the wire to check that the contact is correctly locked.
Contact removal
Insert the tool from the mating side and push it along the contact axis until contact unlocks.
Pull the contact out from the rear of the connector.
IMPORTANT: If you do not use some cavities, always insert a contact to ensure the contact retention and the
non-mating for the case when the coding is different between the plug and the receptacle.
For good contact retention, do not remove it more than three times.
Pliers type
Screwdriver type
(Set the selector in position 4)