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The TV-CTV connectors are in accordance with MIL-DTL-38999 series III standard. These connectors offer the highest performance capabilities for both gen-
eral duty and severe environment applications. Besides the most commonly used aluminium shell, different shell materials are available:
the composite connector is a lightweight (17 to 70 %weight savings), corrosion resistant
withstanding 2000 hours of salt spray exposure
the nickel aluminium bronze connector offers a high corrosion resistance and robustness for marine applications
the stainless steel connector provides a firewall capability
The Amphenol TV connectors range also offers the following options:
Inserts compatible with size 8 quadrax
Ground Plane version with a conductive insert for specific use with coaxial, triaxial or quadrax contacts.
Receptacles with reinforced sealing
hermetic version in Y and N classes
filtered versions using tubular or planar technology (please consult us)
High density inserts with size 23 contacts
Main features
Shell material
Marine bronze (no finish)
Stainless steel
Olive drab cadmium plating
nickel plating
Passivation (for steel versions
Cadmium free platings available on
request (Nickel-PTFE)
More than 80 contact arrangements including high
density and power versions
Size 00,4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22D, 23 contacts (stan-
dard contacts are plated 1.27 µm minimum gold)
Signal, power, twinax, coaxial, quadrax contacts,
optical termini
Contact protection
100% scoop-proof shell
Interfacial seal ensures sealing
around each contact and pre-
vents electrolytic erosion
EMI/RFI protection
Shell to shell bottoming
Grounding fingers on the plug shell
9 shell sizes from 09 to 25
Quick coupling
completely mates and self locks in a 360° turn of
the coupling nut
Anti-decoupling device allows high vibration per-
Receptacles are intermountable with MIL-
DTL-38999 series I standard (same panel drilling)
Additional information
Amphenol Socapex offer a global solution: besides the TV-CTV wide range of connectors, the following products are available
(please consult data sheets)
(refer to data sheet E118)
FTV filtered connectors
(refer to data sheet 12-120)
(refer to data sheet DOC- 000030 -ANG)
Military and aeronautic applications:
battlefield, ground vehicles, aircrafts, communication systems…
Advanced industrial applications:
high vibration requirements, high density