Company Profile

Since 1947, Amphenol Socapex has prescribed, designed and manufactured reliable and innovative interconnection solutions for harsh environments, specializing in standard and customized electrical and fiber optic connectors, contacts, accessories and cabling solutions.

Located in the Mont Blanc region of France and Pune in India, Amphenol Socapex has a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

Amphenol Socapex is part of Amphenol Corporation.

Corporate Fact Sheets

1100+ employees

Net Sales 2022 : 109 M€
72% Export - 28% France

Two facilities :
Thyez (France),
Pune (India)


Integrated Production in France & India

  • 24 000 m2  manufacturing capacity on 2 sites 
  • Design centers in France and India
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing technology

Thyez, France

Pune, India

Our markets

Communication Systems - Radios -
C4ISR / Ground vehicles - Vetronics /
Marine / Missiles

Commercial & military / Avionics /
Engines / Landing gear / Actuators

Oil & Gas / Railways / Stage lighting


In-house molding, machining, plating and assembly capabilities within our two facilities in France and India give us the ability to manange all types of volume with consistent quality


Over the years, Amphenol Socapex has built a solid expertise in elastomer, thermoplastic and thermoset molding. For every project, we carefully oversee the mold design, build and maintenance, as well as determine the best material and process for the project in order to have a cost effective production. 



The machining operations can manufacture cylindrical shells from 10 to 90 mm in diameter and rectangular shells. We employ highly skilled personnel, who use state of the art machining equipment to ensure innovative and quality products. 

Watch our video on our Machining workshop


Screw machining

The screw-machining operations can manufacture cylindrical production parts up to 10 mm in diameter. Our experience with many different materials including bronze, brass, steel, stainless steel gives us insight to select the proper tools and provide you with optimum results. 



With state of the art equipments for contacts' plating, Amphenol Socapex plating workshop also offers plating with cadmium, nickel, silver and gold plating for small contacts, connectors, shells and accessories. ROHS plating is available also.

Check out our Plating Workshop Infographics



The assembly takes place both in France and India at manual, semi automatic and automatic assembly lines. We offer our customers the possibility of putting together sub-assembly, harnessing, bonding along with marking for both small and large volumes.

Our History 


- Socapex creation in Suresnes, France
- 1st radio connector


- Manufacturing unit in Cluses (74), France
- Thomson-CSF becomes primary shareholder

Early 1960's

- 1st “licence Bendix” manufactured connectors
- SL Series launch



- New factory 13 000 m2 in Thyez (74) France with 250 people



- Production of 38999 connectors



- Amphenol becomes primary shareholder



- Expanded Beam connector CTOS launch
- Headquarters transferred to Thyez



- RJ Field launch, “Award Electronica”



- Opening of manufacturing site in Pune, India



- LuxBeamTM and HDAS launch


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