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À partir du 11/08/2020
Thyez, France

Insulating materials for the next generation aircraft power: from polymer material formulation and physics simulation approach up to final application

  • Place: 2 years Lyon/ 1-year Paris
  • Research topic: Insulating materials of interconnection for the next generation aircraft power: from polymer material formulation and physics simulation approach up to final application.
  • Field of study: Materials applied to passive electronics, High voltage (HV) materials, Dielectric materials, Connectivity.
  • Key words: filled polymers, composites, electronics, dielectric materials, insulation, connectors.
  • Contract: CIFRE contract (Industrial Agreements for Training through Research)
  • Gross annual income: >25 and <28K€

Research topic

The concept of a hybrid electric powered or more electric aircraft (MEA) offers many potential benefits in the design and efficiency of future aeronautics. This technology aims at utilizing the electrical power to drive more or all aircraft subsystems, instead of conventional combinations of pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electrical power. It has been proven that moving to MEA systems will increase energy efficiency, thus mitigating environmental issues, principally linked to greenhouse gas emissions and noise. It can also achieve a significant decrease on operating and maintenance costs, enhance aircraft weight, volume and battle damage reconfigurability, as well enabling more on-board entertainment to improve the passengers experience.
Today, thanks to new electronics technologies and the emergence of new materials, it becomes feasible for electrical power components to drive most of aircraft subsystems. Nevertheless, more embedded power introduces a significant increase of electric voltage levels, to keep the same weight of copper or aluminum conductor content. Higher voltage (HV) introduces new critical phenomena, such as partial discharges, arc-tracking, thermal aging, corona discharge…that may deteriorate the global electrical insulation and safety. Insulating materials in electrical interconnection systems are then critical to move forward on electrified aircraft technology.
Amphenol Socapex wants, on the one hand, to improve its knowledge on such new phenomena by developing predictive models of the impacts of HV on the durability of dielectric materials and, on the other hand, to develop new ad-hoc functionalized materials, starting from formulation, processing, characterization to prototyping a final connector and testing under real environmental conditions.
This work will take place under a three part collaboration between Amphenol Socapex, a major international player in the market for electrical and optical interconnection systems, the Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering (IMP-Lab) in Lyon for the dielectric/materials/processing approach and the Group of Electrical Engineering - Paris (GeePs) for physical phenomena related to HV and connectors testing.

Desired profile: Candidate shall possess MSc. or a corresponding degree from a university in the area of materials science, physics or electrical engineering, solid background on polymers, filled polymers/composites, polymer processing and characterization techniques (TGA, rheology, DMA, DSC, electrical testing, IR-ATR). Strong analytical, communication skills in English language and interpersonal skills are required for this position.


• Laboratory of Polymers materials Engineering (IMP-Lyon): IMP laboratory situated in one of the most famous scientific locations in France, gathers complementary skills: synthesis, structural characterization and physical-chemical properties, in the field of polymers and materials science. IMP laboratory has its own technical facilities and researchers can also easily access to a wide range of other specific tools and analytical devices. Each year IMP laboratory houses researchers from foreign countries and has frequent exchanges and many projects with local and international laboratories. The high scientific level of researchers and large scientific network makes IMP a powerful place in the field of polymers.

More information about the laboratory and group on:

• Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Paris (GeePs):
CentraleSupélec is a major public scientific, cultural and professional institution. Its main missions are the training of high-level scientific general engineers, research in engineering and systems sciences and executive education. The GeePs Laboratory is a joint CNRS-CentraleSupélec-Univ. Paris-Salay-Sorbonne Univ. unit. The main areas of research include Electrical Engineering and Electronics. These activities are organized around 3 main targeted departments: Materials, Electronics and Energy .


Amphenol Socapex France (ASF) is a major international player in the market for electrical and optical interconnection systems. Innovation, high technology, adaptability, efficiency and environmental compliance are our strengths. Our target markets are aeronautics and defense. We have a worldwide presence in all the major players of these sectors. In order to face future technological challenges on electronics applied to the aeronautic sector, ASF invests in research and development of new materials that shall meet the most stringent requirements (temperature vibrations, shocks, and voltage).
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If you are interested in this PhD position, please send your CV and cover letter to:
Dr. Anatoli SERGHEI,




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