Operational Quality Manager

Job interview - Stéphane, Operational Quality Manager

The "Operational Quality" Department is composed of 20 people between Thyez & Pune

- What are your missions? 

My main mission is to serve customers, both internal and external, by providing them with the tools, methods and resources necessary to improve our quality both in terms of products and organization and performance via our indicators.

On the external customer side, it is an after-sales support function to manage customer quality complaints (RMA).  The purpose of this Customer Support is to ensure the replacement of defective products and to analyze the quality of the defect using problem solving tools. Upstream, we have a strong link with the sedentary and field sales teams because they are in direct contact with customers. Our actions are transversal through the many departments of the company: purchasing, production, design, laboratory...

I also provide support to the internal operational quality team, i.e. at the various levels of production and assembly in Thyez and Pune in order to guide certain decision-making and decide on certain issues. This organization is identical in France and India and we work together on a daily basis between the two sites.


- What are the skills required to do this job?

Basically, I have a DUT in Mechanical and Production Engineering and a Master's degree in Quality.  A good level of English is necessary because it is a daily language, internally, with the Indian team and with sister companies, international clients. It is also useful to have a good mechanical technical level and to be able to read a plan.

Concerning the human aspect, it is essential to have a very good interpersonal skills, to be resistant to stress and reactive. 

- What do you like to do the most in your work? 

Successfully solve problems encountered by the customer. Achieving final customer satisfaction is the reward. I also like to introduce our production site in India and its staff to customers or colleagues. I go there at least twice a year. 

- What is difficult about your work?

The most difficult thing is to sometimes be confronted with customer discontent, and not be able to provide solutions as quickly as I would like.  

- Why did you choose this job? 

I chose this job because of its relational aspect, the fact of being in direct contact with clients and helping them to solve their problems. Also, there is a great diversity of tasks that I like very much. Each problem is unique, as are the technical and organizational solutions implemented to solve it. 

- A little anecdote?

I had the opportunity to get into an A350 in assembly at Airbus to visualize our products.