VG96912 - SJT

Lightweight scoop proof bayonet

Key features

• Lightweight scoop proof bayonet
• Intermountable with MIL-C-26482 type connectors (same panel cut out)
• Approved to LN29729, VG96912, PAN 6433-2, JN1003

  • Battlefield communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics
  • Industrial
Technical information

Shell material:

  • Aluminium alloy
  • Carbon steel (for hermetic receptacles)


  • Olive drab cadmium plating
  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Tin plating (for hermetic receptacles)
  • Other platings including ROHS available: Black Zinc Nickel, Zinc Cobalt, …

Shell sizes:

  • 9 sizes from 08 to 24

Dimensional aspects:

  • 100% scoop-proof design
  • basic MIL-DTL-38999 Series I lengths
  • Standard mounting dimensions
  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series II or MIL-C-26482 dimensions


  • More than 60 arrangements of contacts including high density and power versions
  • Size 00, 4, 8 dedicated power contacts and sizes 8, 12, 16, 20, 22D contacts for power or data transmission
  • Signal: crimp, PCB, cable soldering (hermetic only)
  • Power: crimp, PCB
  • Coax: crimp, cable soldering, PCB
  • Twinax: crimp, PCB
  • Optical termini

Contact protection:

  • 100 % scoop-proof shell
  • Improved interfacial seal ensures sealing around each contact and prevents electrolytic erosion

EMI / RFI protection:

  • Shielding ring on the plug shell (Optional)


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Publié #PCN Produit Commentaire
01/08/19 124283 TV-CTV - D38999 Series III, VG96912 - SJT, LJT/HE308 - D38999 Series I , JT - D38999 Series II, EN3645, SC39, RNJ - Rack & Panel , RNJLP - Rack & Panel Low Profile

Evolution of the grommet design on 38999 series I, II, III, LJT, RNJ, HE308, JT, TV, RNJLP, SC39, SJT and EN3645 series.

Envoi des changements
23/05/19 PCN 124234 VG96912 - SJT, Standard caps

Modification de design des bouchons de SJT.
Design modification of the receptacle frontshells on the SJT series.

Envoi des changements
19/11/18 121363 PT/451 Series, LJT/HE308 - D38999 Series I , VG96912 - SJT

Due to rationalization, Amphenol Socapex is changing the design of the retaining ring on plugs for PT, LJT and SJT series.

Envoi des changements