Thermal Clamps

Wedge locks for use with SIAL, SIHD and 804SLD serie

Key features
  • Chassis devices to help dissipate components heating
  • Block daughter cards into the box slots grooves
  • Easy to use & safe in vibration
  • Low weight & space saving
  • Military avionics & airframe
Technical information

Quick locking and unlocking:

  • SIHD-GT thermal clamps are based on a quick, quarter-turn locking mechanism providing a faster assembly
  • Maximum resistance to shocks and vibrations
  • No moving parts: all the components of the thermal clamp stay together even in the unlocked position
  • Visual indication for opening or closing position
  • Uniform heat transfer: the SIHD-GT design allows a uniform pressure distribution all along the PCB edge, avoiding the damage of the heat sink and providing a better thermal conduction
  • Heat sink thickness capability: 0.8mm to 1.6mm ± 0.15mm [.0315 to .063 ± .0059]
  • Distance between daughter boards: 8mm MIN [.315] to 10.16mmMIN [.640]
  • With SIHD-GT thermal clamps range, you choose: the type of the thermal clamp: left or right the plating the length the locking devices (standard and custom tools) 500 locking / unlocking cycles

SIHD-GT / LTC thermal clamps are designed to ensure the thermal coupling between the heat sink of the printed circuit board and the cold wall of the box or of the backplane.


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29/01/18 115722 127/HE801-HE804-HE807, SIHD, SIAL, SMASH, HDAS, Thermal Clamps, PowerSafe, LJT/HE308 - D38999 Series I , PT/451 Series, SC39, Standard caps, Metallic backshells, SL61 , RNJLP - Rack & Panel Low Profile, TV-CTV - D38999 Series III, CTOS, CTOL, TVOP, ABS2286, Twinax Contacts

Cr6+ passivation stop – stainless steel 303 + 301 304 316

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05/12/17 115291 SIAL, SIHD, Thermal Clamps

Process modification - new marking process for HE801/804/807, SIHD, SIAL, thermal clamps.

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05/12/17 115501 Thermal Clamps

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