Technical support engineer

Job interview - Marine, technical support engineer 

The technical support department is composed of 2 people. 


- What are your missions? 

One of my main tasks is to inform customers and sales people about all the products we sell. These are the products manufactured at Ampenol Socapex but also those of some sister companies. 

In parallel I answer all customer requests on technical datas and resources: data sheet, 3D files, requests for specific information on manufacturing and processing tolerances. 
I also help clients find the right product reference that matches their requirements or specifications. 

Our team works in collaboration with other departments of the company such as the Communication department for the provision of information to customers via our various supports, the R&D department which brings us answers to specific questions then the sales department.

We ensure, in a punctual way, the factory visits. I present the factory to the customers, the specificities of each workshop and the manufacturing cycle of a connector. We are also present on some customer techdays or exhibitions to bring our expertise on the characteristics of Amphenol Socapex products. 



3D product




- What skills are required to do this job?

It is necessary to have a good general technical and mechanical knowledge, to know how to understand a plan and to have a basic knowledge of chemistry, physics and mechanics. Good internal and external interpersonal skills, fluency in writing and speaking, ability to adapt one's speech to different audiences. 

You also need a good level of English to communicate with international clients and sister companies as well as colleagues in India. Then it is useful to have a good memory because there is a lot of information to remember.


- What do you like the most in your job? 

What I prefer in my job is answer complex questions by finding the most appropriate solution. It is a multidisciplinary profession. There are a lot of exchanges. It's very intercultural and at different technical levels, combined with the commercial side. 


- What's hard in your job? 

The most difficult part in my job is explaining connectivity over the phone without having concrete examples to show the customer. We use catalogues and brochures to explain various aspects to them.


- Why did you choose this job? 

I chose this job because of the diversity of its tasks. I don't like repetitive tasks. Also for its ambitious internal training and automation objectives. There is always a search of evolution. I chose this profession but also the company for its human dimension and its financial health 


- A little anecdote? 

Every day I receive between 30 and 50 e-mails, compared to about 3 phone calls.