Transmission à haut débit

Your needs

The size and the weight reduction of a system and the constant increase of date exchanges in the telecommunication networks have stimulated the need of high-speed electronics and passive components.

As a result, the design of systems faces extensive challenges, most notably in the preservation of the integrity of the high-speed signal through the system stacks.

Designing high-speed systems requires to find the technology offering the greatest data rate for each architectures levels (boards, contacts, connectors, cables) to upgrade the speed of communication. No matter the market, the application nor the nature of the signal to be transmitted (RF, Ethernet, optics, single-ended, diffy pairs,...) Amphenol remains the one-stop solution provider.

Our expertise

We have numerous interconnect solutions to meet your growing needs for speed with our wide products portfolio supporting speeds till 25+ Gbps:

  • Board level connectors operating at data rates up to 25+ Gbps
  • Backplanes, daughterboards and flexible solutions featuring three sequential laminations for blind and buried via’s and via-fill with dozens 100Ω differential pairs up to 60+ layers
  • RF connectors, contacts & phase matched cable assemblies
  • Fiber optic connectors, contacts & cable assemblies
  • RJ for Ethernet protocols, switches & COTS solutions

High speed data transmission technology

Amphenol Socapex demonstrates its expertise in every high-speed development including modeling, simulation and testing solutions. Our capabilities include differential impedance measurement, propagation delay simulation, insertion & return loss modeling, near-end crosstalk (NEXT) & far-end crosstalk (FEXT) characterization and eye diagram realization.

Modeling & Simulation

  • HFSS Ansoft & CST Microwave Studio provide a powerful simulation and modeling capability (3D model
    development tools)
  • Real-Time dynamic design improvements
  • S-parameters extraction & SPICE analysis & Eye Diagram
  • Link modeling allows the complete electrical path simulation from board to board through a backplane

Test capability

  • Vector Network Analyzer provides a unique signal integrity station, for both time and frequency domains
  • TDR & BERT features for time domain evaluation & Eye diagram
  • S-parameters extraction to 9 Ghz
  • Smith Chart

Correlation between simulation and measurement