Update of the COVID-19 health crisis impact on Amphenol Socapex

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Madam, Sir,

We are committed to regular communication and updates on our actions, in order to address the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation.

At the Thyez site, the person affected with COVID-19 is at home and is recovering well. The production capacity at our site in Thyez is at 70%, along with 120 people are working from home.

Our site in Pune has been closed since Monday March the 23rd, following the decision of the Maharashtra State to stop all economic activity, excluding industries related to health, food and energy. On Tuesday March the 24th, the Indian government extended this decision to the whole country, with effect until April the 15th.

Even though no production is possible, 74 people are operational in teleworking. We are already working with our European and American sister companies to limit the impact of the production stoppage on the supply of standard and multi-source products. We are also working to prepare for
the resumption of operations as soon as we are authorized to do so.

We believe that it is our civic duty to protect the health of the people in our company as a priority, while continuing any activity, when authorized to do so. As this unprecedented force majeure event continues to unfold, we are not certain that we will be able to meet all our commitments already made, particularly those related to the delivery dates of our products. We apologize in advance and will inform you if any postponements arise.

Be sure that we will work with you to address any problems created by this unprecedented crisis, in a spirit of solidarity and mutual support.

The Amphenol Socapex teams are on your side, more than ever.