What are the OSI layers?

What are the OSI layers? For many years the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection Model) has described the layers of information in a network, particularly the low-level transport mechanisms. From top to bottom, these are the layers and how these layers relate to your product design. 
Ethernet is physical layers: layers 1 and 2. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) is a protocol, not a network, and uses layers 3 and 4. 

Layer Name Function Example
7 Application Meaning of data HTTP
6 Presentation Building blocks of data and encryption  
5 Session Opening and closing of specific communication paths  
4 Transport Error checking TCP, UDP
3 Network Determination of data paths IP
2 Data link Data transmission, source, destination Ethernet
1 Physical Voltage levels, signal connections, wire, or fiber RJ45, fibre optique

A comparison with the ISO layers 
Let’s compare the OSI layers with a road. A man go from office to home with a taxi on the motorway.
Layer 1 (physical layer) = The roads 
Layer 2 (Data link) = Source is the office; destination is home. 
The MAC address is the unique registration number of the car. 
Layer 3 (Network) = Determination of the correct road to take; the IP address is the street address. Same address may be found in several towns. 
Layer 4 (Transport) = Error checking: is the destination correct?
Layer 5 (Session) = pay fare; handshake between source and destination 
Layer 6 (Presentation) = The taxi is one of many on the road – 1 message in the datastream 
Layer 7 (Application) = What is the purpose of travel? The passenger in the taxi is the purpose of the message, which also includes the source and destination information 

Content réference
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Ethernet Military Switch RESMLAC-8US-CAPS
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