Why Choose Fiber Optic in Military and Aerosapce applications?

  6 reasons to fiber optics in military and aerospace applications:

  • Lower loss: Optical fiber has lower attenuation than copper conductors, allowing longer cable runs and fewer repeaters.
  • Increased bandwidth: The high signal bandwidth of optical fiber provides a significantly greater information-carrying capacity. Typical bandwidths for multimode fibers are between 200 and 600 MHz.km, and > 10 GHz.km for singlemode fibers. Typical values for electrical conductors are 10 to 25 MHz.km.
  • Immunity to interference: Optical fibers are immune to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and also emit no radiation themselves.
  • No detection: Standard fiber optic cables are dielectric, so they cannot be detected by any type of detector.
  • Electrical isolation: Fiber optics enables to transmit information between two points at two different electrical potentials, and also next to high voltage equipments.
  • Decreased size and weight: Compared to copper conductors of equivalent signal-carrying capacity, fiber optic cables are easier to install, require less duct space, and weight about 10 to 15 times less.

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