Quality system & Certifications

Our goal is to serve the customer with the best in-class quality service.
Amphenol Socapex’s commitment is to meet customers’ needs and expectations and ensure their satisfaction. Our entire organization is focused on the customer with quality control, an efficient support with a deep knowledge of the products through dedicated team and tools.

In order to fulfill this commitment, Amphenol Socapex has a customer-focused quality management system based on ISO 9001, EN9100, AQAP 2110 and ISO 14001.
For questions regarding Amphenol Socapex's quality system, please contact our quality system manager

Our Certifications 

ISO 9001
- EN9100

Indeed our certificates have expired since 18/06/2020.

Following Covid-19 and its consequences, in 2020, we performed our certification audit in several steps, remotely and on site, between April, May and October 2020. It allowed us to maintain our certifications. Our last step to perform our follow-up in February 2021 in order to obtain our certificates ISO9001, AQAP2110 & EN9100  with a new expiry date of June 2023.

The certificat ISO14001 is not managed with the same rules of follow-up. So, it has been granted by our certification supplier before 18 Dec 2020. Please find it here ; with June 2023 as expiration date.

For our ISO9001 and AQAP2110 certificates, you will find attached the Certificate Validity Letter until 17/06/2021; written by our certification supplier.

For our certificate EN9100, the justification of our certificate extension is provided with several elements:
•    IAF-ID3 code taken from the OASIS database
•    Completed by the extension justified by Chapter 3.8 of the IAQG, which brings it to 12 months instead of 6 months; confirming a certificate extension until June 2021.

For our Pune plant, please find below a screenshot of the OASIS database for IAF-ID3 code (under the column "Cerf Num"):

For our Thyez plant, please find below a screenshot of the OASIS database for IAF-ID3 code (under the column "Cerf Num"):


For our Thyez plant and Pune, please find below the chapter 3.8 from IAQG (read last paragraph #4) :

We remain at your disposal for any further information.


Mont-Blanc Excellence Label : We are certified with Mont-Blanc Excellence label.

"More than a simple label, Mont-Blanc Excellence is the sign of a real search of excellence and quality. Born from a dialog between experts and leaders, the actions plan means the following areas."

More info on label.montblancindustries.com

Our processes approach

- Our processes approach shows the global management of our organization, focused on customer needs and satisfaction.
- Our quality manual shows Amphenol Socapex global management, focused on processes. Our processes approach enables us to manage all activities with keys indicators and to implement the risk reduction actions. (for example, GRAMS: General Requirements for Aerostructure & Material Suppliers from Airbus,….).



Our risks management

- In order to anticipate key decisions and avoid major issues, our entire organization has learnt to minimize most of the risks related to our activities.
- To manage our risks, Amphenol Socapex has developed detailed risks’ analysis at all levels of the organization: design and development (product and process), projects, suppliers and global company.


Continuous improvement

Our quality policy is focused on continuous improvement and is available for all interested parts, on request.

Our approach, based on team work, deals with different subjects, for instance :

- Our « design/industrialization/qualification » processes
- Our « sale » processes

Amphenol Socapex is an active member of the French Quality Group MFQ (Mouvement Français de la Qualité). http://www.mfqra.fr


Customers Specification Management

To improve our order validation process & our Order Acknowledgment (OA) lead-time management, and to be consistent with all received requirements, we would like to share with you our customers’ specifications/requirements management rules.

Read here (PDF)