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75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts Amphenol Socapex
High speed contacts

75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts

Coaxial contacts for D38999, EN3645, EN4165, 2M, 387TV connectors for video applications

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75 Ohms HD Coaxial Contacts High Speed Amphenol
High speed contacts

75 Ohms HD Coaxial Contacts

Coaxial contacts for D38999,EN3645, EN4165, 387TV connectors for Ultra HD video applications

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Octomax 1G26 Contacts Amphenol
High speed contacts

Octomax 1G26 Contacts

A new generation of Ethernet contacts compatible with Size 8 quadrax cavities for D38999, EN3645, EN4165 connectors

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High Speed Contacts Quadrax Contacts
High speed contacts

Quadrax Contacts

Designed for high data transfer rate with low consumption

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Differential Twinax Contacts High Speed Contacts Amphenol
High speed contacts

Differential Twinax Contacts

Contacts for differential pairs 100 to 150Ohms

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Shielded coaxial contact Amphenol Contacts High Speed Contacts
High speed contacts

Shielded coaxial contact

Designed for high frequencies interconnection

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RF Coax Contacts High Speed Contacts Amphenol
High speed contacts

RF Coax Contacts

Coax Contact for RF applications with high frequencies requirements (up to 65GHz)

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EN3155 Signal Contacts Amphenol Socapex
Signal contacts

EN3155 Signal Contacts

for EN3545, EN3645 or EN4165

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Power Contacts Amphenol Contacts
Power contacts

Power Contacts

For JD389999 I, II, III, EN3645, EN4165

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Amphenol Socapex has a strong knowledge in designing and manufacturing electrical contacts for connectors. We provide solutions from signal and power to high-speed contacts for harsh environment applications. For Ethernet or video applications, high-speed contacts such as coax contacts, twinax contacts, quadrax contacts or Octomax contacts are the perfect answer. We also have EN3155 qualified contacts and AS39029 compliant contacts. Our range goes from contacts size 23 to size 4 along with several terminations such as crimp, solder cup and PCB. Our Contacts Connector team can support you on designing and manufacturing custom solutions. In Contacts we trust !