RVPX-VITA connectors are now available in Europe through Amphenol SOCAPEX

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RVPX-VITA connectors are now available in Europe through Amphenol SOCAPEX 

Thyez, France, September 5, 2019 – Following Amphenol Aerospace & TE connectivity cross-licensing agreement in 2017, Amphenol SOCAPEX is announcing today the distribution of the R-VPX connectors in Europe.

These connectors are intermateable and intermountable with any VITA 46 qualified connectors. In 2017, Amphenol and TE signed a cross-licensing agreement, providing the industry with at least two qualified suppliers for these high-speed, board-to-board connectors.

Amphenol's R-VPX Ruggedized VITA 46 connectors offer data exchange rates in excess to 10Gbps, which meet and exceed the VITA 46 standards while offering modularity, flexibility and customized wafer-loading patterns.

R-VPX is a part of the VITA range of connectors provided in Europe by Amphenol Socapex.  These connectors can support Ethernet, Fiber Channel, InfiniBand, and other high-speed protocols. The connectors can be combined side-by-side on boards with high power modules, RF modules and optical modules.

« The R-VPX is ruggedized and compliant with VITA 46. It is also commercial grade, off the shelf also known as COTS with high density and speed. The R-VPX can be used in computing systems that are for 3U and 6U VPX slot profiles. » said Guillaume Montessuit, Amphenol SOCAPEX Product Manager for Board Level Products.

There are many commercial and military applications for these connectors. This includes applications for ground defense, missile defense, avionics, C4ISR, and space systems with over 10 Gbps data rates.

« This is a great connector to bring under the Amphenol SOCAPEX product offering in order to respond better to the needs of the military & aerospace markets. The R-VPX range enlarges our core offering and further defines our footprint in board level products. » added Matthieu Ardonceau, Amphenol SOCAPEX Aerospace Business Division Director.