Product change notifications (PCN)

La Section “Product Change Notifications” liste à l’intention de nos clients, les derniers changements en termes de design, marquage, emballage et toute autre information pertinente à leurs besoins.

Publié #PCN Produit Commentaires
22/02/2008 115258 RIN

RIN series pruning

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22/02/2008 115257 Serie 49 supports chip carrier

149 - support chip carrier series pruning

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06/12/2007 115255 SUB D Connector

The Thyez plant will no longer provide any technical and commercial support relative to the D-Sub connectors.

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01/07/2007 115247 PT/451

Rationalization of components used in the manufacturing of the PT / 451 series. 

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04/07/2007 115246 127 / HE8

Process modification - modification of the marking process

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07/06/2017 120663 Embase 38999 Reduced flange Jam nut

Modification of 3 panel mounting hole thread on Reduced Flange Stand-off F059 receptacle shell

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29/06/2017 120712 PT/451

Design modification of jam nut receptacle 07 type of PT/451 range delivered with backshell.

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01/01/1970 115334 RJF RB

Relocation of the final assembly facility – RJFRB connectors

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01/01/1970 115542

Design upgrade - SIAL series

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01/01/1970 115608 Twinax Contacts

Contacts twinax 711-1760

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