RJFTV Cat5e & Cat6

Connecteurs Ethernet renforcés pour environnements sévères

Caractéristiques clefs
  • Sealed against fluids and dusts (IP68)
  • Shock, vibration and traction resistant
  • No cabling operation in field and no tools required
  • Mechanical coding/polarization (4 positions)
  • Battlefield communication, C4ISR
  • Data acquisition & transmission in harsh environments
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Battleships
  • Rail Mass Transit
Caractéristiques techniques

More features

  • Improved EMI protection
  • Tri Start Thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 series III type) with anti-decoupling device - Shell size 19
  • Robust metallic shells
  • RJ45 cordset retention in the plug: 100 N in the axis
  • Mating cycles: 500 min
  • Compatible with cable diameter from 6 mm [0.236 in] to 13 mm [0.512 in], for smaller diameters please consult us

Data transmission

10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX and 1000 BaseT networks Cat 5e per TIA/EIA 568B and ClassD per ISO/IEC 11801, Cat6 per TIA/EIA 568B and ClassE per ISO/IEC 11801

Environmental protection

  • Sealing: IP68
  • Salt spray: 48h with aluminium shell - nickel, black zinc cobalt plating
    • > 500h with aluminium shell - Olive drab cadmium plating
    • 500 h with marine bronze shell
  • Fire retardant/Low smoke : UL94 V0 and NF F 16 101 & 16 102
  • Vibrations : 10 - 500 Hz, 10 g, 3 axes: no discontinuity > 10 nano s.
  • Compounded versions tested per NAS 1599 (5-3000 Hz, 20g, 12h)
  • Shocks: IK06 ►weight of 250 g drop from 40 cm [15.75 in] onto connectors (mated pair)
  • Humidity: 21 days, 43°C, 98% humidity
  • Temperature range: -40°C / +85°C

With the patented RJStop system you can use a standard RJ45 cordset in a metallic plug which will protect it from shock, dust and fluids. No hazardous on-field cabling and grounding!


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Yes, you will find our RJF and USB solutions on our Rugged Digital Networks Solutions catalog. These solutions are zone 2 and class1.


We do not give any shelf life for our connectors since it depends on the mating cycles. For instance, for a PT connector, the mating cycle is 500. 


The CE marking is not necessary for electrical connectors. The UTE CEF 48B Connector Commission classifies the electrical connectors as passive components and concludes that the CE marking is not required, neither on the product itself, neither on the package. It is however required for the system using this connector.


You can consult our ROHS/REACH compliance by clicking here.
For any nominative compliance, please contact us.


In order to provide you our products, our official distributors are: http://www.amphenol-socapex.com/en/find-a-distributor



Publié #PCN Produit Commentaire
02/10/18 122163 RJFTV Cat5e & Cat6

Due to a change in our manufacturing plant, the design of our right angled backshells has been modified for all our RJ Field catalog products: KIT 40771x / KIT 40791x / KIT 40792x.

Envoi des changements
19/11/18 121984 RJFTV Cat5e & Cat6, RJF, RJF RB, RJF 544, Adaptateur RJ45/M12 , RJ45 version ATEX Zone 2, Cordons & jumpers RJFTV, Cordons RJ45 avec câble Ethernet tactique, RJS-GMC - technologie à faisceau élargi, µCom 10Gb+ Series, TV µCom-10Gb+ , Cordons & jumpers µCom , USBFTV & USB3FTV, Clefs USB Renforcées , Amplicateur USB, Cordons & Jumpers MILVA NGVA USB , Cordons & Jumpers USB Field / TV , Cordons USB 2.0 & 3.0 , USB3F TV - Reduced Flange, Micro Miniature 2M, TVOP

Change in appearance of Black Zinc Nickel plating due to sand blasting.

Envoi des changements
05/12/17 120446 RJF, RJFTV Cat5e & Cat6

All RJF/RJFTV/USBFTV, USBBFTV & LCFTV connectors with black zinc cobalt plating will be replaced by black zinc nickel plating.

Envoi des changements
28/11/17 120446 RJF, RJFTV Cat5e & Cat6

All RJF/RJFTV/USBFTV, USBBFTV & LCFTV connectors with black zinc cobalt plating will be replaced by black zinc nickel plating.

Envoi des changements