Technical Support Engineer


Sophie, Technical Support Engineer


What are your main tasks ?

My main mission is to provide information on all the products that we sell, to the customers,

and also to my colleagues. I can be called upon at all levels of a project before, during and after. Before the projects, I help my clients and colleagues to define their needs and offer them a technical solution to contribute to the act of purchasing.

Afterwards, I am also consulted to provide information and additional documentation on our products. I work in collaboration with various services of the company, such as communication

to provide technical information to customers, the R&D department to support projects outside our product catalogs or in support of the sales department for customer relationships.

I also share my knowledge with my employees through internal training and with our customers during the visit of our company and its production facilities.


What skills do you need to do your job ?

To do my job, it is important to have a good technical culture and an excellent memory. We work on all the Amphenol Socapex product lines, but also on the products from our sister companies within the Amphenol group. A good sense of organization is also necessary, because we deal with a lot of issues during the day and communicate via several means such as the telephone, live emails and tomorrow, chat. That is to say, technical and non-technical interlocutors, customers from various

cultures and origins, as Amphenol SOCAPEX is present all over the world.

Tell us something interesting about your job


When I started working

For Amphenol SOCAPEX, I sometimes received requests from customers by fax and I had to consult

some production plans in paper format stored in large filing cabinets.

Fortunately, our progress in terms of of digitization allows me to be more and more efficient every day, which is essential since technical support receives on average one hundred technical

requests by e-mail by week, plus requests by phone, by Teams and live requests to my office...


What do you like most about your job ?


To share my knowledge and enrich the knowledge of my interlocutors.


It was Sophie, Technical Support Engineer