Do I need to put LF at the end of plug reference to get RoHS version?

No. When standard, our plugs are delivered with gold RoHS contacts. For example: HDASF102YC-000 is delivered with RoHS gold contacts.

It’s possible to get dip tinning versions with adding -x1xLF for SnAg or -x1x for SnPb. Please refer to our BLP catalog.

Our most common HDAS configurations are detailed below:
•    Receptacle
o    Standard version (SnPb): HDAS E *** YD*-000 (Tin lead - SnPb)
o    Pure Sn (bright): HDAS E *** YD*-000 LF (Lead Free) - RoHS
o    Pure Sn (matte): HDAS E *** YD*-000 LFM (Lead Free Matte) - RoHS
•    Plug
o    Standard version (gold): HDAS F *** YC*-000 (Gold) - RoHS
o    Tin lead (SnPb): HDAS F *** YC*-010 (Dip tinning)  
o    Tin (SnAg): HDAS F *** YC*-010 LF (Lead free dip tinning)- RoHS

Other configurations are available in our BLP catalog


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