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Interconnect solutions for nuclear applications

Interconnect solutions for nuclear applications are vital for connecting devices and ensuring facility safety. They face key challenges:

  • Radiation Resistance: Must endure high radiation levels without material damage.
  • Temperature Extremes: Must withstand temperature fluctuations without compromising integrity.
  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance: Must resist corrosive substances.
  • Reliability: Essential for safe and continuous operation, as failures can lead to accidents.
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Amphenol Socapex connectors for nuclear applications

Amphenol Socapex Interconnect solutions for nuclear applications are carefully designed to withstand the harsh environment of a nuclear facility and to prevent the spread of radioactive materials. Our interconnect solutions play a critical role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of nuclear facilities. Our connectors are used to join different cables or components together and are designed to withstand radiation and other environmental factors.  


Amphenol Socapex Interconnect Solutions for Nuclear applications

  • Rugged Ethernet & USB Connectors: RJFTV, USBFTV to secure Ethernet & USB data lines 
  • Rugged Fiber Optics connectors such as MPO FTV enabling high speed & EMI resistant secured data lines.
  • PCB Connectors such as 254/HE701-HE901

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Interconnect solutions in Oil & Gas

Interconnect solutions in Oil & Gas link equipment in exploration, production, and processing. They encounter challenges:

  •    Harsh Environments: Exposure to extreme conditions demands robust component design to maintain performance.
  •    High Vibration: Vibrations can cause disconnection; components must stay secure.
  •    Electrical Interference: Proximity to electrical devices creates electromagnetic interference; solutions must minimize EMI and maintain signal integrity.
  •    Reliability: Reliability is critical for safe and continuous facility operation. Failures can lead to equipment damage or accidents.

Amphenol Socapex offers connectors designed to withstand these challenges in Oil & Gas applications.

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Robust connectors for extreme environments

Amphenol Socapex offers robust connectors for extreme environments. 

  • Amphenol Socapex connectors include:
  • Rugged Ethernet Connectors such as ATEX Zone 2 RJFTV, RJF
  • Rugged Fiber Optics Connectors - used in Oil and Gas applications for data transfer and communication, as they are immune to electromagnetic interference and can transmit large amounts of data over long distances
  • Power 38999 connectors such as Powersafe

These connectors are critical for linking equipment in Oil and Gas facilities, withstanding harsh conditions like saltwater exposure, high temperatures, and mechanical stress, ensuring the safety and reliability of operations.


Connectors for nuclear applications

Connectors for oil and gas applications

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