Réunion équipe

To be the trusted partner of reliable and innovative interconnect solutions for military & aerospace applications 

Our missions

  • Fulfill our customer expectations by providing quality products, exceptional service, and innovative solutions that meet or exceed their requirements.   
  • Deliver our products on time and at the right price, while continuously improving our processes and systems to support customer satisfaction.   
  • Foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement, promoting teamwork, integrity, and accountability, while providing a safe and healthy workplace.   
  • Expand our global reach through strategic partnerships and investments in new technologies.  



  • For innovation: in products, in processes, in technologies. 
  • For new markets: new applications, new customers, new geographies.
  • For service: technical support, digital support, supply chain support.


  • To gain the trust of our stakeholders, in order to undertake and innovate with them. 
  • To position our company at the forefront of the Environmental and Social challenges.
  • To make the right decisions for the short term and the long term.


  • To respect our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, sister companies, local communities, and the planet.