Quality Standard Amphenol Socapex

Quality standards for suppliers

PR.PUR.0026 Standard Supplier Requirements

The document PR.PUR.0026 list our standard requirements we use when purchasing products: quality, logistics requirements but also ethics & environmental requests are detailed.
PR.PUR.0026 Standard supplier Requirements (PDF)

FM.PUR.039 FAI-First Article Inspection (Purchase Part)

Based on the EN9102 standard, and as explained in the supplier standard requirements (PR.PUR.26) an FAI report should be provided in the following cases (main cases listed below):
- at first production run
- in case of change in the design characteristics (Drawing, Specification, Raw material)
- in case of manufacturing process change
- […]”
Contact us if you have any query and in case of a major modification in your process (new tooling for example) or flow (such as if your facility is moving location…).
FM.PUR.039 FAI-First Article Inspection (Purchase Part)

Our 8D Template Logistics / Quality

Quality concern should be considered even for a small quality. We always expect a fast and effective support from our suppliers.
We don’t request corrective actions for each non-conformity. Please follow instructions on our NCR when a 8D report is requested. We also appreciate a documented answer with evidences of actions.

First Article Inspection FAQ

  • Will Amphenol send me back a copy of the validated FAI  (First Article Inspection) ?
    Not necessarily, a return will be formalized in case of detected non-compliance. The FAI will then be rejected and re-requested.
  • I am delivering a catalogue / COTS product to Amphenol, is the FAI required?
    No, in this case, please notify the contract review so that we can issue an order without the required FAI mention.
  • I do not use an FAI despite the mention on the order. What is the problem?
    Deviation from the contract. Reception will be blocked pending receipt of the duly completed and signed documents. An RNC will be issued.
  • I provided an FAI at the previous delivery (less than 2 years), why am I being asked for one again now?  
    If a Non-Conformity is detected, we reject the FAI and ask for one again on the next order. It may also be that the request comes from a customer need, or a change in design (plan, specification, material...), etc...
  • I don't have any support documents for the FAI report. What should I do?
    See website. =>