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Amphenol connector 127/HE804 PCB
HE7-HE8-HE9 Series PCB connectors


Low-profile and competitive board-to-board & board-to-cable range

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Amphenol Connector 127/HE801
HE7-HE8-HE9 Series PCB connectors


The widest board-to-board and board-to-cable range

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Amphenol Connector 127/HE807
HE7-HE8-HE9 Series PCB connectors


Hybrid connector with signal, coaxial and power configurations

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254/HE701-HE901 Amphenol Socapex connector PCB
HE7-HE8-HE9 Series PCB connectors


Standardised connector with direct or indirect connection

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Amphenol Socapex offers a wide range of board-to-board (PCB) & board-to-cables connectors. Our solutions cover different types of technologies using copper and/or fiber optic and are proposed as high-pin count connector or high-speed solutions. Our connectors are designed to meet performances of main standards as MIL-DTL-55302, MIL-DTL-83513 and VITA (either VITA 46 or VITA 66). Proposed from 2.54mm to 1.27mm pitch, with signal, power, RF, optic or high-speed contacts, we have some compliant products with Ethernet or USB protocols. Amphenol Socapex can combines his board-to-cables offer with I/O connectors such as MIL-DTL-38999 to offer a complete harness from the panel to the board. We have a strong expertise in designing and manufacturing board-to-board customized solutions. Our PCB board level connectors are dedicated to harsh environments and are suited for military aerospace, commercial aerospace, ground vehicle, C5ISR and Navy.