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2M 804
2M Micro Miniature


Miniature Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect connectors

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2M Micro Miniature


Tri-Start Threaded Coupling Miniature connectors

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2M Micro Miniature
2M Micro Miniature


Dual-Start ACME Miniature Threads Coupling connectors

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2M Micro Miniature connector
2M Micro Miniature


1/4 Turn Miniature Bayonet Coupling connectors

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Amphenol Socapex is a renowned leader in providing high-performance circular connectors, including D38999, 2M Micro Miniature, Rugged Ethernet, USB, Display, RFM, and PT/451 connectors, tailored for a wide range of critical applications within the defense and aerospace sectors. These electrical connectors are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of industrial and military environments, offering exceptional durability, reliability, and data transmission capabilities. 
Our circular connectors, such as the D38999 series, are trusted by defense and aerospace professionals worldwide for their robust design and superior electrical connectivity. The Rugged Ethernet, USB, and Display connectors ensure seamless communication in mission-critical scenarios. Additionally, our RFM and PT/451 connectors excel in RF and power applications, respectively, guaranteeing optimal performance under extreme conditions.
Amphenol Socapex's commitment to delivering top-tier circular and ethernet connectors for industrial and military applications makes us the preferred choice for those seeking dependable, cutting-edge solutions. Trust us to provide the connectivity solutions your projects demand, ensuring reliability and mission success.