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About Space Exploration 

Space exploration is a goal shared by many nations and increasingly being pursued by private companies. Its purpose is to understand the origins of the Universe and the Solar System, as well as the potential for life beyond Earth. In today's world, space technology plays a vital role in various fields such as telecommunications, navigation, and technology development. 

Satellites enable access to television and the internet, weather forecasting, Earth observation and monitoring climate change, as well as assisting emergency services and military operations in the event of natural disasters and in operational areas. Space exploration has led to the development of new technologies that have applications in other industries, such as medicine, agriculture, and energy.

The technical challenges of interconnect systems 

Interconnect systems for space applications and exploration encounter formidable technical challenges. These include enduring the extreme conditions of space, such as intense radiation, extreme temperatures, and vacuum environments. They must provide absolute reliability for communication, data transfer, and power distribution. 

The connectors also need to be lightweight to minimize payload weight, ensuring cost-efficiency for launch. Furthermore, they should support high-speed data transmission for real-time communication with spacecraft and ground control. Meeting these challenges is paramount for the success and safety of space missions.



Criteria to withstand harsh space conditions

Connectors are crucial in space equipment, like spacecraft and satellites, but they must meet stringent criteria. 

They need to withstand harsh space conditions, ensure high reliability, and minimize interference with other systems. Approved by organizations like NASA or ESA, space connectors must also be compact and lightweight to cut launch expenses. They must endure severe conditions, including shock, extreme temperatures, and vibration. 

Current trends favor compact, reliable, and versatile interconnect solutions that expand space capabilities.



Robust & reliable connectors for space applications

Amphenol connectors are implemented in a wide range of space-borne applications, including manned and unmanned space vehicles, low Earth orbit satellites, and the International Space Station. For example, we have a couple of circular connectors implemented in the ARTEMIS program, Hubble Space Telescope, the Mars rovers, or the International Space Station..

Amphenol Socapex solutions include D38999 connectors, Ethernet & USB connectors, PCB connectors, and high-speed fiber optics, among others.  The circular connectors are commonly used in heavy-duty cable and panel mount applications, as well as in PCB connectors. 

Interconnect solutions for space applications

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