Rail Mass transit interconnect solutions


Interconnect systems for communication and control

Interconnect systems for Rail Mass Transit (RMT) are essential components that enable communication and control between different parts of the transit system. 
Interconnect solutions for rail mass transit must overcome challenges for safety and reliability. These include withstanding constant vibrations and shocks caused by train movements, ensuring components maintain a secure connection. Wide temperature variations can cause expansion or contraction, so components must maintain integrity. Electromagnetic interference from close electrical devices must be minimized for signal integrity. 

Reliability is crucial to prevent service disruptions or accidents, ensuring safe, continuous operation.

Rail mass transit amphenol socapex


Technical challenges of interconnect systems

Interconnect systems in rail mass transit industrial applications face several technical challenges. 
Connectors and other cabling systems must ensure uninterrupted power distribution for propulsion and onboard systems while enduring constant vibration and shock from the rail environment. Reliability is paramount for safety and operational efficiency. 
The connectors must also meet strict safety standards to prevent electrical faults and fires. In addition, they need to be compact and modular for easy installation and maintenance within the confined spaces of rail vehicles.

Amphenol Socapex's interconnect solutions for RMT applications

Discover Amphenol Socapex's interconnect solutions designed for Rail Mass Transit (RMT) applications. Our lineup features:

  • Rectangular Blind Mate RFM connectors
  • Rugged Ethernet RJFTV Connectors
  • Rugged USB USBFTV Connectors
  • Fiber Optic connectors MPO FTV 

Enhance your rolling stock, signaling, and onboard equipment with these reliable and robust interconnect solutions.

Reliable connectors for Rail Mass Transit (RMT) applications

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