Our engineering laboratory provides full service expertise for product testing and qualification, product expertise and metrology.

Key facts

  • 320m² state-of-the-art facilities, with high-end test and analysis instruments
  • 22+ persons : PhD, Engineers, technicians in France and India
  • 250 requests for tests per year
  • 550 requests for metrology per year
  • 8500+ measuring devices managed


Amphenol Socapex test laboratory is certified by the Defence Logistics Agency of USA for design verification, testing, calibrating and qualification. The test center is able to perform a wide range of mechanical, environmental and material tests for fiber optic and electrical components.

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Our experts are capable of performing all types of development, analysis and characterization on metals, coatings, plastics, using high-performance equipments... We are able to manage research and innovation projects, supported by a network of solid and notorious partners.

research and development




  • Innovative plating engineering and surface structuration
  • New materials development (metals, polymers, ceramics …) with in-depth analysis and characterization
  • High voltage and dielectric analysis
  • 3D EM Simulation and high speed measurements
  • Fiber optics, high speed communication
  • Bonding, plastics and assembly processes

Manage PhD programs with relevant universities


Collaborative developments throughout a network of adequate partners

  • Laboratories, clusters, start-ups, …

Product Testing

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing and measurement facilities, covering almost all the needs related to the connector industry for harsh environments. We intervene at every stage of product development, from evaluation to qualification.

research and development

Engineering Lab


Fully integrated test facility, DLA certified

  • Highly qualified engineers & technicians
  • ISO 17025 type management
  • 250+ test requests per year capability

Operational excellence

  • 90% standard tests done in-house
  • Cutting-edge equipments
  • Continuous improvement of skills

Wide array of disciplines

  • Dimensional
  • Thermal - Humidity
  • Mechanical
  • Environmental
  • Electrical ….


We check internally the conformity of the measuring instruments. Our measurement management system complies with the recommendations of ISO 10012.

research and development

Engineering Lab

Metrology tools & skills

Integrated Measurement Management System

  • 8’500+ measurement devices recorded
  • Integrated management software
  • 2 full-time technicians

« Do-It-Yourself » approach

  • 80% of calibrations in-house
  • Continuous monitoring of each device
  • ISO 10012 compliance

Wide array of calibration skills

  • Dimensional
  • Thermal - Humidity
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical ….



A team of experts with cutting-edge equipments