387TV : Size 7 38999 connectors

In the MIL-DTL 38999 standard, the shell sizes start with the size 9.
Amphenol SOCAPEX offers the 387TV range which is derived this standard, using a size 7 shell with size 8 high-speed contacts.   Check our 387TV connector product page to obtain more info.

The options available on the 387TV connector in standard version include integrated backshell (plugs and receptacles), as well as Stand-off (double flange) and Reduced flange receptacles.

The square flange receptacle is not available in the 387TV Series. To save space on the panel, we offer the oval flange receptacle with two drilling holes.

For the 387TV connectors, the receptacles are only available with male contacts and plugs with female contacts.

For video application, you should use a Coax 75 ohms contact (HD-SDI / 3G-SDI Protocole).
For data transmission you should use a Twinax contact (Data bus BUS1553).
For Ethernet application, you should use a Quadrax contact (Ethernet contact Cat.5E) or a Octomax contact (1Gb Ethernet contact).

For more information about our Contacts for connectors, please go to our Contacts page

Yes, we offer numerous contacts regarding your cable type.

  • Coax : available for RG179 and PIC V75268 cable type.
  • Twinax : available for the M17/176-00002 (standardized cable), the Raychem 10612, the EPD44690 and the EPD44691 cable type.
  • Quadrax : NF24Q100 or equivalent.
  • Octomax : available for the Thermax MX10G-26FLX and the Gore RCN9047-026.

For any other cable types, please consult our Technical Support team

We offer 387TV connectors with fiber optic optical termini in different versions: Double Luxbeam Q8D already available, MT and TVOP Size 7 coming soon.

To tighten the panel nut effectively, simply torque it once. Then tighten it again 24 hours afterwards.

If necessary, install a lock wire on the nut and attach it to the panel to keep the nut tight.

The « IP » define the resistance of the product against solids (first number) and liquids (second number). 387TV is rated IP68 when mated. To ensure an IP68 waterproofness on the Jam nut receptacle and mated plug, a heat shrink boot and adhesive must be installed between the plug and the cable. It will allow the connector to withstand 48 hours under 2 meters of water.

Yes, we offer two types of protective caps for the 387TV connectors:

  • Rubber caps
  • Metallic caps

Consult our 387TV datasheet to obtain more information about Protective caps for 387TV connectors.

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