75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts

The 75ohms coaxial contact range is the perfect choice to fit digital video cable 75ohms nominal video cable.  The 75ohms contacts are dedicated for video application from SD-SDI up to 3G-SDI.

SDI (Serial Digital Interface) defines protocol for video digital interface standardized by the SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) late eighties.

Our impedance matched contacts meet the below requirements

  • SD-SDI – SMPTE259 – data rate up to 360Mbit/s – RL of -20dB from 5Mhz to 540MHz
  • HD-SDI – SMPTE292M – data rate 1,485GBit/s – RL of -15dB from 5MHz to 1,5GHz
  • 3G-SDI – SMPTE424M – data rate 2,970GBit/s – RL -15db from 5Mhz to 1,5Ghz then RL -10dB to 3GHz

For more info, regarding our Contacts for connectors, please consult our "Contacts for connectors" catalog.

Amphenol Socapex offers the largest range of coaxial contacts for 75ohms to fit in industrial & military connectors such as MIL-DTL-38999, EN3645, EN4165/SIM, 2M and 387TV series.

Our 75 Ohms Coaxial Contacts product brochure. Our range of 75ohms goes from contact size 12 to 6

Our engineering team has designed a dedicated interface to meet 75ohms impedance so even if they are close, our impedance matched contacts are not compatible with standard coaxial contacts (such as M39029/59 /60 etc…)


The 387TV series is a low-profile and small form factor connector so to keep it, optimized size 8 coaxial contacts have been designed. More info available on https://www.amphenol-socapex.com/en/products/connectors/38999-series-i-ii-iii/387tv-series


Yes, Amphenol Socapex proposes some 75ohms impedance matched size 12 to fit in our 2M connector series. Feel free to investigate our 2M connector product brochure.

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