Board to Board Connector : HDAS

High Density Amphenol Socapex, HDAS is a 1.905mm board to board connector dedicated to harsh environments.

From 11 to 253 contacts, HDAS is ideal for severe applications when signal, power or RF is needed.

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Insulator is LCP 30% glass-fiber filled. Fittings can be brass or stainless steel (303). Contacts are machined from brass alloy; female contact has a clip build with CuBe stamped and formed.

HDAS signal contact current rating is 4.5A. 

A hybrid version for power applications with contacts up to 20A is also available

12 arrangements (including hybrid) from 11 to 253 contacts are available in HDAS connector range to fit all interconnect needs.

Yes, fittings are always delivered with HDAS connector.

Signal contacts are always delivered with HDAS connectors. For hybrid version, customer must order separately special contacts according to his/her needs: power or/and RF contacts.

Yes, it’s possible to order fittings separately in case of lost or damage. 

However, HDAS connectors can’t be ordered without fittings. Please refer to our catalog to get fittings references.

The board to board connectors HDAS are available in several options: RoHS compliant or not compliant.

No. When standard, our plugs are delivered with gold RoHS contacts. For example: HDASF102YC-000 is delivered with RoHS gold contacts.

It’s possible to get dip tinning versions with adding -x1xLF for SnAg or -x1x for SnPb. Please refer to our BLP catalog.

Our most common HDAS configurations are detailed below:
•    Receptacle
o    Standard version (SnPb): HDAS E *** YD*-000 (Tin lead - SnPb)
o    Pure Sn (bright): HDAS E *** YD*-000 LF (Lead Free) - RoHS
o    Pure Sn (matte): HDAS E *** YD*-000 LFM (Lead Free Matte) - RoHS
•    Plug
o    Standard version (gold): HDAS F *** YC*-000 (Gold) - RoHS
o    Tin lead (SnPb): HDAS F *** YC*-010 (Dip tinning)  
o    Tin (SnAg): HDAS F *** YC*-010 LF (Lead free dip tinning)- RoHS

Other configurations are available in our BLP catalog


Yes, you can go to the following page to find 3D files of the HDAS series connectors.

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  • HDAS : board to board & board to cable connector, 1,905mm pitch. More info
  • Micro HDAS : miniature board to board & board to cable connector, 1,27mm pitch. More info

Materials and technology used are similar.

HDAS connectors reach MIL-DTL-55302 performances. MIL-DTL-55302 Printed Circuit Connectors meets specific requirements in harsh environments.

You will find the coupling toque values for HDAS fittings in our Board Level Catalog on page 18

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Technical Support team

We provide free 3D CAD files for HDAS connectors on the following page.

If you don't find the 3D file you're looking for, please contact our Technical support team

The main difference are the dimensions.

  • HDAS connector is a board to board & board to cable connector with 1,905mm pitch
  • Micro HDAS connector is a miniature board to board & board to cable connector with 1,27mm pitch

Beside the size, the materials and technology used are similar.

HDAS connectors meet reach MIL-DTL-55302 performances.

Coupling toque values for HDAS connectors are available in our catalog page 18.


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