Contacts for connectors

Contacts for connectors are called PIN or SOCKET.  It defines the gender of contact.

Pin / Male Contacts  

Socket / Female Contacts



The size of the contact is defined by the connector cavity and a relationship with the cable gauge (or AWG). The cable gauge defines the nominal current that the contact can accept. The contact size is identidied by a number.

American Wire Gauge is a standardized wire gauge systems defining the diameters of conductive wires. The AWG tables usually are for a single, solid and round conductor. As for the contact size, the higher the gauge or AWG number is, the smaller the wire diameter is. For example, the AWG 0000 (or 4/0) has a diameter of 11.68mm when AWG 40 has a diameter of 0.09mm.

Some reduced or enlarged crimping barrel designs are defined in EN3155 standard. For enlarged crimping barrels, there is some limitation on the diameter in order to allow the use of the extraction tool and to release the contact while inserted.


Yes, we provide 3D drawing for contacts. They are available on the following page. You can download the 3D files related to contacts for connectors.

2 major standards defines the contacts for connectors, AS39029 and EN3155. There are defining dimensions and performances. SAE organization is managing AS39029 (United States) and ASD-STAN is managing EN3155 (Europe).


Yes there is two lengths for socket contacts because of the connector cavities:

  • M39029/57 and EN3155-003 for MIL-DTL-38999 series II, EN4165 and 2M
  • M39029/56 and EN3155-009 for MIL-DTL-38999 series I and III and EN3645

The color bands are marked on the contact to permit the identification of them.
For AS39029 contacts, there are 3 colors bands called “BIN” code (for Basic Identification Number). Please refer to the below chart to determine the BIN code.

BIN CODE = 672

FOR EN3155, there are only 2 colors bands.

Since the last standard revision, if the colors bands are identical, the manufacturer can only mark a wider band.

The manufacturer is identified on the contact using a “MINT” mark. This mark is recorded in a certification organization and is unique per manufacturer. For Amphenol Socapex, the mint mark is ||. Our EN3155 contacts are all manufactured in Thyez, France in our dedicated Contacts workshop.

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