Focus : Overmolded Electrical Harnesses

Overmolding technology

Overmolding technology consists in putting the rear side of the connector/backshell together with the cable into a mold to mold a protection around the connector/backshell and the cable. The overmolding replaces the use of a pre-glued heat-shrink molded piece.
This creates a very strong and sealed junction between the connector/backshell and the cable, along with a very clean finish.

Amphenol Overmolded Electrical Harness solutions

Key points

  • Straight and Right Angle Overmolding for all military connectors shell sizes
  • Applications in Ethernet, High Speed and power supply
  • Molds designed in-house
  • Customized overmolding available
  • IP67 approved

Amphenol Socapex overmolding capabilities

With this technology, we are able to terminate numerous connector types, in straight or right angle versions, plug or receptacles. We are tooled up for connectors 38999 Series I, 38999 Series III, 2M, PT-451, and even proprietary connectors from other sources than Amphenol...
Our molds are developed and manufactured in-house, in a 12 weeks period. If you need a particular configuration, just consult us.

Any questions regarding our overmolded cables, please contact our Cable Assembly team