Harness in the box

“Harness in the Box” provides innovative and high-performance interconnect assembly solutions inside the electronics boxes for military & commercial aerospace applications.
Beyond our capabilities to design, manufacture and supply connectors, we provide flexible printed circuits as well as high-technology electrical and fiber optic cables to match your needs and requirements.
Our solutions are specifically designed to operate in harsh environments and provide substantial weight reduction, simplified installation, and minimal maintenance.

Fiber Optic interconnect solution by Amphenol SOCAPEX


Flexible Printed Circuit Solutions by Amphenol SOCAPEX


Electrical cable solutions
by Amphenol SOCAPEX

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Flexible Printed Circuit Technology and assembly solutions

We propose flexible printed circuits solutions to provide you numerous options that standard PCB designs can’t match. Our engineering design team work with you to define the connectors to use, the characterization and integration of the final solution.
Whenever you manage a large number of electrical connections in a small package, wiring with controlled impedance, flexible printed circuits are the answer.
FPC enables a higher circuit density than the rigid PCB. It offers great size and weight reductions. Plus, it gives engineers a tremendous design flexibility.
Our design packages are as flexible as the FPC themselves.

Specific FPC design with controlled impedance for our standard series


FPC solution from BLP connector to BLP Connector



FPC solution from I/O connector to BLP Connector



Fiber Optic interconnect solution inside the Box

Amphenol Socapex is the best partner to provide fiber optic interconnect solutions inside the box. We fully understand fiber optical connector and termini designs and manufacturing.
Once the optical and mechanical requirements of the cable assembly are specified, our application engineers can develop an “end-to-end” interconnect solution. Design creativity, experience and a deep understanding of harsh environments will ensure a functional and manufacturable design.
All Amphenol SOCAPEX cable assemblies are manufactured by expert technicians in our state-of-the-art, AS9100 certified facility.

Fiber Optic interconnect solution: from the Transceiver
to I/O connectors through VITA 66.X




Optical Fiber Flex Assemblies



Custom design of SMASH Connector with MT ferrule



Electrical Cable and wire solutions inside the Box

Amphenol SOCAPEX electrical cable and wire Solutions inside the box are focused on supporting the military & commercial aerospace markets.
With a large range of connectors for harsh environments, our engineering staff is ready to assist you with any new design project from connector selection to full cable assembly design.

Find out more about our cable assembly capability






Control systems








Ground vehicles


Missile systems



Radar systems





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