How to select a miniature connector according to my needs ?

Amphenol Socapex offers a wide range of miniature connectors to fit your various needs.

  • 2M micro miniature connector : Circular connector, multipoint with crimp or PCB contacts.
    • 2M is a micro miniature circular connector designed for interconnect applications requiring high performance and reduced size and weight in harsh environments. Amphenol offers different 2M connectors to answer all your needs, with Dual-Start Acme Threads, Tri-Start threaded coupling, ¼ turn bayonet and push pull quick disconnect versions. Material include Aluminium and Stainless Steel with ROHS-compliant plating available such as Black-Zinc Nickel, Durmalon and more. We also provide free 2M Series CAD files for your design team.
  • 387TV connector: Derivated from the 38999 range, monocavity size 7 shell circular connector offering high-speed size 8 contacts & fiber optics possibilities.
    • The 387TV Series is a miniature size 7 connector derived from MIL-DTL 38999 Series III. It’s a monocavity size 8 dedicated to high-speed contacts : Coax for video applications, Twinax for Databus applications, and Quadrax and Octomax for Ethernet applications and fiber optic (coming soon). This connector is designed for harsh environment applications across multiple markets, such as C5ISR, military aerospace, planes, missiles, and navy and ground vehicles where high-speed application and surface savings are needed. The 387TV connector is compatible with Crimp and PC Tail contacts and available with integrated backshell, Stand-off and Reduced flange. For more information, check our Check 387TV FAQ
  • Micro HDAS pcb connector : Board to board miniature connector, with a 1,27mm pitch. Available with PCB or crimp contacts.
    • Micro HDAS High-Performance Connectors save space on PC boards while maintaining a high level of performance. The micro board-to-board and board-to-wire connectors are offered in nine sizes from 4 to 60 contacts on two rows. These versatile connectors feature a 1.27mm pitch with 7.4mm distance between boards and PC tail or crimp contact terminations. Amphenol Socapex Micro HDAS High-Performance Connectors meet and exceed MIL-DTL-55302G and 83513G and are intermateable with Nicomatic EMM connectors. Typical applications include commercial avionics and airframes, military avionics and airframes, and ground vehicles.
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