Suppliers - Quality Standard

Quality standards for suppliers

PR.PUR.0026 Standard Supplier Requirements

The document PR.PUR.0026 list our standard requirements we use when purchasing products: quality, logistics requirements but also ethics & environmental requests are detailed.

PR.PUR.0026 Standard supplier Requirements (PDF)

FM.PUR.039 FAI-First Article Inspection (Purchase Part)

Based on the EN9102 standard, we perform a report FAI when we first receive the parts.
Contact us if you have any query and in case of a major modification in your process (new tooling for example) or flow (such as if your facility is moving location…).

FM.PUR.039 FAI-First Article Inspection (Purchase Part)

Our 8D Template Logistics / Quality

Quality concern should be considered even for a small quality. We always expect a fast and effective support from our suppliers.
We don’t request corrective actions for each non-conformity. Please follow instructions on our NCR when a 8D report is requested. We also appreciate a documented answer with evidences of actions.

Our 8D Template Logistics                           Our 8D Template Quality