What are SDI signals?

SDI (Serial Digital Interface) defines protocol for video digital interface standardized by the SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) late eighties.

Our impedance matched contacts meet the below requirements

  • SD-SDI – SMPTE259 – data rate up to 360Mbit/s – RL of -20dB from 5Mhz to 540MHz
  • HD-SDI – SMPTE292M – data rate 1,485GBit/s – RL of -15dB from 5MHz to 1,5GHz
  • 3G-SDI – SMPTE424M – data rate 2,970GBit/s – RL -15db from 5Mhz to 1,5Ghz then RL -10dB to 3GHz

For more info, regarding our Contacts for connectors, please consult our "Contacts for connectors" catalog.