For the protection of our employees and the environment, Amphenol Socapex is committed to be compliant with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations for both its locations in Thyez (France) and Pune (India).

We want our commitment towards environmental, health and safety issues to run through our entire organization.

  • We provide all of our employees, relevant training courses so they can make decision and take action in accordance to our environmental and safety policies.
  • We communicate openly with our employees, neighbors, partners, local authorities, and other interested parties regarding environmental and safety issues.

Amphenol Socapex's ISO14001 certification

For questions regarding Amphenol Socapex's Environmental actions and Compliance, please contact our health, safety and environment manager.

safety and health

Amphenol Socapex provide its employees and visitors safe and secure working facilities. Safety and loss prevention is our priority.

  • Our objective is to promote safety :By providing to our employees safety training courses such as Fire, Electric authorization, and First-aid.
  • By implementing risk preventive actions identified through risk analyses.
  • By integrating safety into the processes.


Amphenol Socapex manufacturing plant in Thyez (France) has been certified ISO 14001 since 2008. We are planning to have our manufacturing plant in India certified in 2023. Amphenol Socapex is committed to conducting its business in a manner that will preserve and protect the environment. Our objective is to promote environmental responsibility :

  • By making decisions and taking actions to respect the environment and prevent pollution.
  • By developing processes and product design that will lead to our activities to become more sustainable in the future.
  • By controlling industrial waste and improving our plants’ management of wastes such as recycling materials, reducing wastes, recycling of packaging materials, subscribing to local recycling programs.
  • By making energy-efficient choices to reduce our facilities’ consumption of energy and water which are already showing good results.
  • By equally expecting our suppliers and subcontractors to develop and produce innovative technologies, items and processes which have the lowest environmental impact possible throughout their lifecycle. Our objective being to include an environmental criteria in our supplier selection.
  • By implementing processes with the lowest impact on the environment (energy, waste) to minimize risks from the production.