Amphenol socapex

Quick facts

  • Founded in 1947
  • Part of the Amphenol Group, USA (listed on the New York Stock Exchange)
  • 1400+ employees
  • 2 production sites: Thyez, France & Pune, India
  • At each of our sites, we offer state-of-the-art workshops that cover a wide range of essential processes, including molding, screw machining, machining, plating, and assembly for contacts, connectors, and cables.

Innovation & industrial excellence since 1947

ensemble PCB


Our products

Amphenol SOCAPEX designs & manufactures reinforced interconnect systems for applications in harsh environments for the defense and aerospace industries

The product range includes: 

  • Rugged connectors, 
  • Contacts for connectors 
  • Harnesses for Defense applications
  • Ethernet switches & media converters

We also possess the expertise to conceptualize and produce customized solutions, tailored to the precise requirements of our customers.

What is a connector?

  • The purpose of a connector is to circulate power or data as quickly as possible without obstacles or interference. 
  • Connectors come in many sizes, shapes, resistances and levels of complexity.
  • The particularity of our connectors is that they have to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, water, vibration, sand, erosion, heat and so on.

amphenol socapex

Our values

Passion & Boldness:

  • To innovate in products, processes, technologies, and digitalization.
  • To develop new business territories and find new customers.


  • To gain the trust of others and have the confidence to undertake and innovate.
  • To make decisions to preserve the long-term and avoid choices that do not align with this perspective.


  • To respect our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, sister companies, local communities, and the planet. 


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