we are hiring you

Recruitment stages in Thyez, France

  • 1st telephone contact to get to know each other 
  • On-site interview to get to know you: we'll discuss your personality, aspirations, skills and career path. 
  • Contact our ambassadors 
  • A second and final interview to validate your application, show you around our premises and make sure that our environment and offer are right for you.  

Our commitments

  • Transparent discussions on assignments, remuneration and job expectations 
  • Availability and attentiveness

we are hiring you

Prepare for your recruitment interview

  • Discover our world (our history, our products, our professions and our teams)
  • Demonstrate your interest in the proposed assignments 
  • Give a transparent and concise answer 
  • Feel free to ask any questions you may have right from the first phone call. 
  • Be yourself!

My integration at Amphenol SOCAPEX

we are hiring you

Dedicated contact person

I have a dedicated contact person from the moment I am recruited.


Company integration

I discover the company, its culture and its products thanks to a dedicated integration program.


Customized support

I'm supported by my manager and the HR team from day 1.