Commercial digitalization pilot


Which work – study program are you pursuing?

I am currently pursuing Master 1 Digital Marketing at Inseec in Chambéry.


When did you join Amphenol SOCAPEX?

I joined Amphenol Socapex in September 2019, as part of an e-commerce and digital marketing degree . I am currently continuing my master's degree until August 2022.


 What are your main tasks?

Within Amphenol SOCAPEX, I implement digital tools for the sales department.

Throughout my mission, I am in direct collaboration with my colleagues to find the most appropriate tool for them. Searching for new ideas and presenting the tools, it's a real collaborative work group.

I also work on proposing different digital tools that will best suit their requirements.

I, then present these new digital tools during team meetings while explaining the main objectives and the goal that we can reach through these tools.

One of our main objectives is to propose solutions to improve the daily work of our colleagues, to get closer to customers remotely and maximize our sales.

On a daily basis, my job is to be an active listener. The mission of implementing new tools is a major part of my work time.

To implement these digital tools, there are several steps:

- I listen to the sales team to define common needs.  

- Think about the best solution, existing or to be created, and then share my research with the team.

- When the tool is selected, I carry out a test phase, followed by a training. Finally, the tool is launched in the department.


I also collaborate with the Communication Department to propose new content: videos, animations, or information presentations to be distributed to everyone in the company. 


What skills do you need to have to do your job?

You need to be a good listener, agile and patient. You must also have good knowledge of computers and constantly follow digital news to propose modern and innovative solutions. 


What do you like most about your job?

Not long ago, we decided to work on a video communication to highlight the sales results. The video had to be humorous and have a fun and showy feel. I was suggested to use the theme of wrestling. We started this project without really knowing if it would work and finally the video was a great success.

All this to say that when I arrived at Amphenol SOCAPEX, I would never have imagined myself working on such offbeat and amusing projects.


What do you like most about your job?

What I like the most in my missions is the creative side of my job. Creating a new design, thinking about the best content, breaking the codes to make evolve  the way information is presented

I also like to see my work being used by my colleagues and look forward to receiving their negative or positive feedback to strive for continuous improvement.