Fiber optics

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 Fiber optic interconnect solutions are ideally suited for high speed, high reliability, EMI/RFI immune, digital data transmission in harsh environment applications such as airborne avionics and computers, battlefield communications, and weapon systems.

A large amount of data, voice, and video has to be securely transmitted in these applications, sometimes over long distances. Fiber optic links, with a large bandwidth and a small diameter, provide a fast, reliable, lightweight, and simple method to transmit a huge amount of information between various systems. Fiber optic links only carry light pulses making them immune to electromagnetic or RF interferences, which are a threat to the integrity of the transmitted information.

Fiber optic links suit battlefield communication systems exceedingly well where secrecy and data integrity are paramount. Light pulses from fiber optic links can not be detected or hacked, making the link virtually invisible.

Our expertise

Our fiber optic interconnect solutions are based on high-performance optical termini, innovative design, and high quality, well-proven connector technology.

Our fiber optic interconnect solutions are tailor-made to meet the demanding requirements for customers manufacturing mission critical and safety-related equipment. Accordingly, we develop long-term commitments and customer partnerships to provide maintenance, repair, training and technical support on demand. Rigorous internal quality assurance systems exceed the ISO 9001 and AS9100 requirements and ensure consistent quality products regardless of manufacturing location.

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5 advantages to choosing Fiber Optics

Lower loss

Optical fiber has lower attenuation than copper conductors, allowing longer cable runs and fewer repeaters.

Increased bandwidth

The high signal bandwidth of optical fiber provides significantly greater information-carrying capacity. Typical bandwidths for multi-mode fibers are between 200 and 600 MHz/km, and > 10 GHz/km for single mode fibers. Typical values for electrical conductors are 10 to 25 MHz/km.

Immunity to interference and detection

Optical fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference and emit no radiation.

Electrical isolation

Fiber optics allows transmission between two points without regard to the electrical potential between them.

Decreased cost, size and weight 

Compared to copper conductors of equivalent signal-carrying capacity, fiber optic cables are easier to install, require less duct space, weigh 10 to 15 times less, and cost less than copper.