Fiber Optic Connectors


FO connection solution for reduced space
Fiber Optic Connectors


FO connection solution for reduced space

Key features

  • In Line Miniature Optical Adaptor
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Can be used on patchords already in place


  • Battlefield Communication
  • Grounded vehicles
  • Military avionics 
  • Industrial

Technical information

Specifications :

  • Compact removable splice
  • Singlemode & multimode
  • EN2591 qualified

Insertion loss :

  • 0.2dB Typ. 0.7 dB max 850/1300nm Multimode-0.3dB Typ. 0.7 dB max 1310/1550nm Singlemode

Vibration :

  • Ambient temperature - 1g2/Hz
  • Duration : 8 hours in 2 axis, X and Y direction
  • Duration of micro-discontinuity: <4ms
  • IL max 0,7db
  • Duration: 8h / axe - 2 axes

Sealing :

  • Immersion under 10cm of water during 30min

Salt spray :

  • 500h (matted)

Operating temperature :

  • -55degC +125degC (depends on cable type)

Mating durability :

  • 500 cycles

Cable retention :

  • 68 N / 3 pulls / 1 min (due to ARINC801 terminus) (depends on cable type)
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Promi description

Promi is a compact, in-line optical adapter that offers easy installation and maintenance in reduced spaces. It can be used on existing patch cords, making it ideal for applications in military avionics, grounded vehicles, and battlefield communication. The Promi solution is EN2591 qualified and features a compact removable splice for easy installation and maintenance, as well as a split nut for easy installation and a boot for a sealed connection. Amphenol Socapex Promi solution has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its durability and reliability in challenging environments. It has been tested for vibration resistance, immersion under 10cm of water, salt spray resistance, and cable retention, with impressive results. The solution can withstand temperatures ranging from -55degC to +125degC, depending on the cable type. Overall, Amphenol Promi solution offers a rugged and reliable optical connection solution for reduced spaces, making it an ideal choice for military and industrial applications. Amphenol Socapex provides a video demonstration of the Promi solution, showcasing its ease of installation and maintenance.