RFM Series

RFM Quadrax

Blind mate modular floating rack connector with Quadrax contacts for high speed applications
RFM Series

RFM Quadrax

Blind mate modular floating rack connector with Quadrax contacts for high speed applications

Key features

  • Blind mate, floating fixing
  • Low insertion forces
  • High mating / unmating cycles
  • Quadrax contacts - Male & Female contacts can be mounted on both sides
  • Custom options are available on demand.
  • Meets NF F 61-032 requirements : vibrations, salt spray, temperature, ...


  • Railway Racks
  • Shelters
  • Modular equipment
  • Automatic assembly machines

Technical information
  • Qualification : NF F 61-032
  • Mating cycles : 500
  • Misalignment allowance around each fixing screw +-1,25 mm
  • Temperature range : -55degC to +125degC
  • Fire behavior : EN 45545-2 HL3 (R22) & I3-F1 NF F16-102
  • Salt spray : 96 hours (following NFC 20711)
  • Chemical behavior : HCl 1N 5min; NaOH 1N 5min
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RFM Quadrax crimping instruction Datasheet

Last update : 25/07/2023
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RFM Power
RFM Quadrax

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RFM Quadrax description

Amphenol Socapex offers RFM Series, Rack & Panel connectors, they allow a blind connection and are equipped with floating fixtures. RFM connectors are compliant with EN45545-2 & NF F 61-032 standards. RFM connectors have been used for many years by OEMs for harsh environments and in railway applications for security systems. The robustness and realignment capability of RFM connectors deliver also durability and reliability to military applications.
Our RFM Quadrax rack & panel connectors can be configured with quadrax contacts for high speed applications. Quadrax modules can be mixed with RFM standard signal modules (5, 3 or 2 contacts).