High Performance PCB connectors


The hybrid connector for use with thermal clamps
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High Performance PCB connectors


The hybrid connector for use with thermal clamps

Key features

  • Robust technology designed for severe environments
  • Exceed MIL-DTL-55302 requirements
  • Modular connector mixing signal and coax contacts
  • Contact technology allowing lateral displacement +- 0.25 mm
  • Hybrid configurations to mix signal, power and RF


  • Commercial and military aerospace
  • C5ISR
  • Spatial
Technical information
  • Low-profile board-to-board connector
  • Lateral rails to protect the male contacts from external damage
  • ESD protection on both plug and receptacle
  • 13 arrangements availables from 18 to 392 contacts
  • Complete range for test, programming and maintenance
  • RoHS versions available
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Catalog PCB connectors: SIAL SIHD

Last update : 16/01/2024

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SIAL description

SIAL is a modular high-density interconnection system developed by Amphenol Socapex for use in severe environments, such as commercial and military aerospace and C5ISR applications. This hybrid connector is designed to work with thermal clamps and exceeds MIL-DTL-55302 requirements, making it a robust and reliable technology. SIAL comes in 13 different arrangements with 18 to 392 contacts. Additionally, SIAL features a low-profile board-to-board connector with lateral rails that protect the male contacts from external damage, and ESD protection on both the plug and receptacle. One of the key features of SIAL is its hybrid configurations, which allow for mixing of signal, power, and RF contacts. The contact technology used in SIAL also enables lateral displacement of up to +-0.25 mm, providing flexibility in design and assembly. Overall, SIAL is a versatile and rugged interconnect system that can handle demanding applications in harsh environments.